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Friday morning Cheat Sheet: 3 News Moving Markets Dan RitterGoogle+Twitter More Articles November 01 2013 It is Friday November 1 and early trading in U.S. equities is advanced. By about 8:45 a.m. Dow futures were up 0.32% S P 500 futures were up 0.23% and Nasdaq futures were up 0.36%. Markit Economics published final October manufacturing PMI data showing a deceleration in growth and only a modest improvement in overall conditions. The index of headline purchasing managers dropped from 52.8 to 51.8 showing a decline in key components such as production (declining significantly from 55.3 to 50.6) and in new orders (declining from 53.2 to 52.7). The jobs index, however, rose from 51.3 to 52.7 on the month that climbed. Eurostat’s latest releases show a rise in eurozone unemployment rates as well as falling inflation rates in the region. It combines to build a disturbing image that some have suggested could dampen the euro area’s expectations of a rapid economic recovery. In September, unemployment in the eurozone was 12.2 per cent. Although this is unchanged from August, Eurostat has also updated August’s figures from 12% to 12.2%, indicating that unemployment levels have actually reached 0.2 percentage points higher than the forecast of the office. The region’s persistently high unemployment rate has been a perennial thorn on the side of those saying recovery in the eurozone is continuing. While, inflation plummeted to almost record lows for the month of October settling at 0.7 per cent annually. This is down 1.1 percent from September’s rates and significantly lower 2.5 percent from last year’s s average in October. October was also the fourth straight month in which inflation rates in the eurozone have either remained constant or decreased … (Read more.) Top 10 University Most Expensive Countries.

Nicole Weaver 18 December 2019 Donnie Wahlberg was busy performing as a member of the New Kids On The BlockDanny Reagan on Blue Bloods music group. He is still touring, and he doesn’t forget the roots of his music. The series has acknowledged this through musical guest stars and references.