Why do I have scanty and black periods


This month I’m under my black period for the first time that it goes down like this and lasts 2 days. The 2 days it was so black and little why will it be


Hello, I have a huge question, I would like help. About 15 days ago I had unprotected sex, my partner ejaculated but I took the pill … now I have my period but it is scarce and black, and I also have a lot of pelvic pain? will i be pregnant?


My period is short of heat brown almost red pulling dark color

Yudier Ramírez González

Hi, the article is very informative therefore it is good, because sometimes it is difficult to get these answers from other sources. I would like to know how I eliminate that accumulated blood from the previous period or how I can mestrude everything in the corresponding period.


Hello, I did not put my three-month blister and my menses came but it is very little black because my menstruation goes down like this


Hello I am 19 years old and I have a problem this month of May and last bleeding almost the whole month and now I woke up bleeding black with ovarian and belly pain. I already have about 4 months of black msnchar before my period and after my period ..why will it be?


Hello, I am 40 years old and I had my menstruation for 3 days in a brown red color but very scarce the first day I noticed that I was almost black in weight, the second remained the same and only stained the intimate very little, the third only lasted until half a day they were only spots. I am very worried I think that it is an envarazo thank you I wait for an answer


Hello, since I have placed the contraceptive device on my arm, the period is black and thick, and it usually lasts up to more than 15 days and other m, the red blood goes down and it also lasts, why will it be?


Hello auna, it happened that the next menstruation comes is that my daughter is 15 years old and it continues and lasts several weeks and the color that comes out is black at first the next day it comes normal but it is still coming


I have been taking loette for a year and everything has gone well until now that I have had two periods in a row that are super rare and black in color, a panty liner is enough for me. They say it is because of loette’s low hormonal load but I am very worried Well, until now it had not happened to me and I have not forgotten any pill


The same thing happens to me