White Blonde Hair: 17 Examples

Brighten up a brassy blonde with delicate snow streaks to the ends for extra pop.

White Platinum Blonde

Silky straight is a great way to show off this beautiful paint. Such a hairstyle will make oval and round heads look smaller.

Metallic White

This ice blonde plus the gentle waves add to the hair texture and movement, making it so stunning.

Layered Blonde Blonde

The ice platinum blonde hair that every blonde dreams of! For 2018, this look is super trendy and enjoyable, but for every client I wouldn’t suggest it. Maintaining this frozen look requires regular visits to the salon for a root touch up and a toner about every 2-4 weeks. So if you’re always on the go and have a busy lifestyle, this may not be the best look for you in realistic terms. Just keep in mind that this may not happen in one day, depending on your natural hair color, and that’s all right. It is most critical for all successful stylists to maintain the integrity of their hair. It may take a few sessions when you first begin to achieve this look. As the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait. You’re your best friend when it comes to home maintenance purple / blue shampoo! You also want to make sure you do a conditioning mask regularly to keep the blonde bright and safe. Blonde’s gorgeous, but maintenance is needed. But I mean, it’s worth looking at her body!

This look is a highlight / low light that is very dimensional. I used dark chocolate tones and more ice blonde tones in very fine sections to create a strong contrast while also perfectly blending and not appearing stripey. This color looks great straight wavy or curly but these curls made of a 1-inch curling iron really show off all the color ribbons.This was done for a bride who would like natural white blonde hair in the near future. What I love so much about this white blonde hair is that it is a lived-in look that can be worn. We went with a white rooty-dimensional blonde complementing her tone of skin and haircut. I styled her to offer the impression that I personally love to wake up like this. It is not always possible to reach this level of blonde in one session and it is crucial to maintain at-home styling products such as oil heat protection and purple shampoo. White blonde hair is a beautiful look, but not for everybody. Think how much you want to spend and how much time you spend at home to make sure your hair is as good at home even after you leave the living room. In trying to achieve this look, having a good consultation with your stylist is key.

A with Senior Colorist / Stylist This look is a cool blonde girl. It’s super low maintenance as it already has a root shadow that means you won’t see the re-growth as it grows out and will look as good as it does now in 6 weeks! The coolest thing about this look is how fresh and clean it looks, making almost every color of the skin glow! Shampoo your hair with a shampoo which keeps you free from air pollution that can settle on your skin and is noticeable on the blond which gives you brassy yellow tones! Follow this with a toning treatment that feeds your hair with hydration, but also has the violet tones to give it an extra clean blonde feeling. I would recommend baby blonde to Christophe Robin. I feel that this style can be worn on almost anyone, depending on your natural color, just tweak the root shadow. If you don’t feel so brave to go a little longer style collarbone length for the chop, it would look great!

White as Snow on Shoulder Length Tresses

/ Salon Owner This blonde white hair color is black Lamborghini. It is the most sought-after blonde ever. Thanks to its elegant voice, I call it Mother of Pearl. I really like this color / tone because it’s not too hot and not too cold and it’s great for the skin tone of anybody. I think it’s definitely a one-size-fits-all kind of color that we can see with this one. A younger woman and an older woman will rock it and pose like a super star! For more detail and style, I keep the cut short. This look, though, is a statement on its own, showing that I am a strong woman who can handle anything you put in my way. Get that girl! It’s not a cheap color! When you think you’re going to go that light and use inexpensive aftercare items or go to a non-professional colorist who doesn’t have blonde experience, be prepared to shave off your hair and/or spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics trying to fix it. Do your homework in advance and don’t be afraid to ask your colorist about their past experience and your hair 1- form 2- 3- pigment texture and if this color can even be achieved. This color is so sexy with every girl bringing out the fun and making you feel so hot. It’s perfect for women wanting to turn on their guys and girls looking to get a hot guy.Go through a long consultation to determine the best look for you. If you want to be super blonde every 6-8 weeks, you can go for highlights or scalp bleach. If you can only come in every 3-6 months, I recommend that you do something with a more blended root area with a shadow root or even a foilayage method. As for cosmetics I still recommend that my customers take home Olaplex 3 my favorite violet shampoo Milkshake Silvershine shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner and a deep conditioning mask as blonde hair appears to be on the drier side. Hair Style