Nova Calculating Instruments Earnings: Here’s Why Investors Buy Shares NowChelsea Leary 13 September 2018 It seems that not every queen wants her king. Sure Queen Elizabeth II is married to Prince Philip, but that’s all he’s ever been. According to the royal family rules, Philip is t eligible to win the title of king. On the other hand, Kate Middleton will assume the role of Queen or Queen Consort when Prince William becomes king. So what exactly does the titles people get when their partner becomes the king or queen dictate? 8/8.1075 8/8.1075 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images This depends on gender

The British Parliamentary Act should thank the British Royal Family website for these confusing rules in deciding who is in line with the throne. Instead it refers to blood alone. While the queen title still retains Elizabeth, her son Prince Charles is next in line to become king. William is next and Prince George is last. His younger sister Charlotte is after him though. Fourth in line is William and Middleton’s youngest son Louis. Gender equality has not always been the case in terms of succession. The rule used to put men before women — even if the male had an older sister. But the latest legislation was introduced in 2011 by then British prime minister David Cameron. He also nixed the law that demanded Catholics could not marry future monarchs. Cameron argued, “These laws are obsolete and need to be updated.”

Men don’t take a woman’s title in the royal bloodline

But, when a man marries the royal family, he won’t become king until his wife becomes queen. So once in October 2018 Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank, he will simply remain Mr. Jack Brooksbank. In fact, before Elizabeth became queen, Philip did not even receive his Prince title. He’s known officially as Prince Consort. He was born to Philip Mountbatten, and was initially a prince to the royal families of Greece and Danish. Yet he gave up his claim to the thrones of his original two families when he married into the British royal family.


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