What is the largest ocean in the world

What is the largest ocean in the world

The earth is made up of five oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Arctic and the Antarctic, each with its own characteristics that make them the habitat of thousands of wonderful species. At OneHowTo.com we have already explained which is the smallest ocean, but do you know which one is the largest? Discover what is the largest ocean in the world in this article.

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The largest ocean in the world it is the Pacific, an immense body of water that occupies nothing more and nothing less than a third of the earth. The Pacific has an area of ​​more than 165 million km², million! It also has an average depth of 4280 meters, although at certain points it can exceed 11,000 meters.

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It is so large that its extension covers 3 continents: Asia, Oceania and America, and of course this also makes the peaceful in the ocean with the most islands on the planet: 25,000 in all, far more than the four remaining oceans combined. Simply awesome.

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The name of the largest ocean in the world It was awarded by the famous Portuguese navigator Fernando de Magallanes, who in an exploration carried out towards the Philippines and the Moluccas Islands found most of his trip with a calm ocean in which it was much easier to navigate than in other seas.

However, the name is somewhat ironic, since this ocean is one of the places where more hurricanes and typhoons occur, as well as being the center of volcanic explosions and tidal waves. Of peaceful little.


Due to its large size, the peaceful It has 5 climatic zones that vary greatly. Thus we find the middle latitudes, the tropics, the monsoon region, the typhoon region, and the equator, the only calm region in this ocean.

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