What does it mean to dream of dead relatives

What does it mean to dream of dead relatives

The world of dreams is very complex, since it is closely related to our subconscious, one of the parts of the brain about which we have the least information. On many occasions we wake up remembering the dreams we have had and with sensations and emotions that we cannot avoid and that can even accompany us throughout the day, since although we know that they have not happened in reality, they do leave us an emotional mark that it can be hard to ignore.

For this reason, or perhaps simply out of curiosity, we like to know why we dream of certain situations, objects or people. Dreams always have a meaning, however irrelevant it may be, since they are created by our mind and can explain aspects of ourselves or our life if we know how to analyze them correctly. Two sciences, psychology and esotericism, are in charge of this, although today it is still difficult to give concrete explanations about them. One of the most common are those in which relatives appear who are no longer with us. Does it usually happen? In oneHOW we tell you what does it mean to dream of dead relatives.

You dream of dead relatives because you are in a moment of change

There are a lot of meanings to explain the reasons for the appearance of our deceased loved ones in our dreams. It depends on how the dream unfolds, the relative who appears, how they do it … an endless number of different variables that give a much more personal meaning to their presence. But there are certain more general explanations that can be applied to the appearance of any of our relatives who is no longer with us.

One of the most common and logical is to announce a moment of change in our life. The death of a family member, especially a close or loved one, already causes a before and after to be marked at the moment it occurs, that is why their presence in our dreams signals a new stage and tells us that we have to leave the past behind. The passing of a loved one It causes us pain and it is most likely that it will be difficult for us to accept and overcome it. Therefore, if that person who has died appears in our dreams, it is indicating that we have to get over it and turn the page about the fact that worries us, be it precisely his death, or any other problem that we are going through. We must understand that this circumstance belongs to the past, no matter how much it hurts, and embrace the new stage that comes to our life.

What does it mean to dream of dead relatives - You dream of dead relatives because you are in a moment of change

Unfinished business

Another of the Most common meanings of dreaming about dead relatives is the possibility that there is some matter that you could not resolve with him / her at the time and due to his death, it was pending. It is quite normal for that concern to be in your thoughts during the hours you are awake and that usually causes it to appear at night when you sleep, since it is recorded in both the conscious part of the brain and the subconscious. In order not to dream of our deceased relative again, we can try to solve or overcome that problem in the best possible way, so that it disappears from our mind and stops obsessing us.

Within this meaning we can also include a possible sense of guilt about a death, the circumstances in which it occurred, or the thought that more could have been done to prevent that death. That guilt we feel can be reflected in our dreams in the form of the appearance of our loved one who has died. This feeling will disappear with the passage of time, since it is usually related to an irrational thought, because in the vast majority of cases we are not directly guilty of a death, but it can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, we advise you you go to a specialist in these cases.

A reflection of yourself

A lot of experts also have another explanation for the presence of deceased relatives in dreams. They may be a reflection of oneself, both of the personality, as well as of positive and negative personal characteristics.

It is very common to see yourself reflected in very close relatives, such as a mother, father or brother / sister. Therefore, when they appear in our dreams they can represent ourselves, that quality that we like or do not like. It may also the meaning of dreaming about dead relatives Whether their presence is warning us that we must change certain forms of behavior because they are not being beneficial to us at that moment in our lives.

What does it mean to dream of dead relatives - A reflection of yourself

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