Weaves for women

Classic Blonde Mohawk

Photo Credit: beautycom big curls make this ultra-feminine, sexy hairdo. With flat iron or curling hairstyler, big curls can be styled. For any face shape, this mohawk is a great style.


The hair on the mohawks sides is absolutely rasped off in the buzzcut Mohawk.

Long Hair Mohawk Teased


. For a night out, its a perfect hairstyle.

Braided Bantu Knots Mohawk

This braided mohawk is achieved by braiding cornrows on both sides of the head but leaving the center area unbraided. With natural hair, it is the simplest way to shape a mohawk hairstyle. Whatever braid style suits you best, you can rock it with thin or wide cornrows. Bantu knots form this mohawk.

Side-Shaved Long Hair Mohawk

Cassie and Rihanna are Mohawk hairstyle queens! Cassie wears long hair mohawk on this photo with actual undershave. Leave the hair ends as free as she did or make a ponytail. This hairdo, like Cassies, requires an oval face shape.

Mohawk Braid Center

To rock this hairdo, the sides of your head must be super-short. If the length is yours, go for it!

High Fade Mohawk

exposing skin


Side Braided Mohawk With Curls

If your hair is not growing fast enough and you are afraid of shaving or cutting it, you can always braid the sides. It also looks quite cool! The picture above is of a very attractive woman rocking her fake mohawk. The hair center section is curled with hair styler. You can always try it out with your normal currly hair if youre in a rush.

Mohawk dual-line

! You should go with this one if you want a Mohawk but you dont want a design thats too strong or too fancy.

Mohawk Black Red Curls



Mohawk Haircut Designs for Men

best mohawk haircuts with your next funky look project.

Classy Wavy Mohawk

for curly and thick hair females. To keep the curls in place, you will need to use quality hairspray.

Fully shaved head sides

. For waves, this hairstyle would also look amazing. We love her style of brave boldness!

Star Mohawk

In the above photograph, the star Mohawk haircut design actually looks pretty good! Its a well-done, sharp and fine-edged design. In this scenario, the barber did his job pretty well! If love stars are an important part of your life, you should also try to get this star mohawk!

Waves with Low Skin Fade

Where there are different Mohawk designs, this Mohawk must have too good a design? This one is there for all the guys! With low skin fade, this hairstyle will go well.

Mohawk tree

This Mohawk tree design is inspiring and looks really amazing. This model is particularly suitable for you if you are an environmentalist or enjoy nature. This is a lot of design and its absolutely beautiful!

Bun Mohawk Cassie


. The hairstyle appears casual but elegant. Simply twist your hair in a bun and youre all right to go. Okay, very simple right?

Victory Roll Mohawk

Do you want to trade a stunning mohawk for your sleep?

Curly Faux Mohawk

Very fun and sexy faux mohawk piled up on the top of the head with a bunch of big curls. It would be a sin to remove these luscious curls?

Big Curly Updo Mohawk

loose curls up and for every occasion you have a sleek, trendy hairdo.

Long Hair Mohawk With Shaved Sides

The perfect example of sexy long hair mohawk is woman with longer hair here. For an extra cool look that will sweep onlookers of their feet, pair it with casual clothes and big gold accessories. Cassie knows what shes doing and looks perfect!

Spooky Ghost Design

which must be shocked by everyone. With this Mohawk design style, you might also be able to scare off your younger annoying cousins!

Blue Hair Mohawk

If youre on the market for a new funky mohawk to update your rebellious look, shoot this beautiful blue mohawk hair! Its not totally cool? To rock a blue mohawk, you dont have to be a punk. Dont be afraid to be trendy and special!

Mohawk Box Braids

for a full look of mohawk.

Medium Length Blonde Mohawk

will improve the jawline and cheekbones. Especially if you have medium hair, this hairstyle is easy to recreate.


Alicia Keys paired her mohawk with some spice and made it perfect for a red carpet. Her hairs back is shifting under-braided towards the top of her head. This hairstyle will highlight the facial outlines and neckline of your cheekbones.

Nike Mohawk Design

Use this Nike Mohawk haircut design as an unofficial brand ambassador for Nike! If youre this ones a big Nike fan for you!

Long straight hair mohawk

Long hair on top helps you to play with different mohawk hairs. Cassie popularized and we love this type of hairstyle!

Mohawk Big Braid

make the mohawk even better.

Braids And Curls Mohawk

We love this braided, curled mohawk with middle and front length. This woman proved that all braids can fit in a mohawk with bun and natural curls. It is suitable for medium-length curly hair. Keep your scalp filled with oils in this gorgeous braided hairdo to keep it healthy and hydrated.


you agree?

shaved sides

Natural Curly Hair Mohawk

It can be used for informal and formal occasions.

Mohawk Design Zigzag

is a good mens choice.

Shaved Sides Mohawk

This trendy hairstyle is sure to attract attention. Medium Mohawk Length With Shaved Sides

Honey blonde hair color and mohawk are the perfect match! Similar to Rihannas, this hairstyle has longer hair on top. If you choose this type of mohawk, store up with hair spray.


This sleek mohawk is suitable for weddings and proms. This hairstyle can be rocked for days!

Skin Fade

This Mohawk fade design is a two-sided geometric design. The geometric style is very relaxing and fun to look at! This model is rather complicated and is not as straightforward as the others that have been mentioned so far. Its worth it though!

Spiky Mohawk

daily fashion their hair.

Side Braided Curly Mohawk

and curly mohawk tresses flow out of them. This hairdo is perfect for curly hair from medium to long.

Spider-Web Mohawk Design

should be on your list of priorities! It gives a chic, stylish atmosphere!

Color-Treated Mohawk

This is a longer mohawk with beautiful accents of colour. Styled in a mohawk, its edgy pixie hairstyle. A winning combination is messed up and sleeked down side trees. Longer hair mohawks can be cut in different ways – you can either curl or braid it straight.

Criss-Cross Pattern

also makes it possible to develop a fairly good symmetry.

Mohawk Short Braids

sides into large or small braids. Braids look stylish and trendy at all times.

Short Mohawk with Fade

The hair on the front is very short in a short mohawk and it becomes even shorter on both sides and back. The hair at the front finally tapers off at the back in a short mohawk to match the sides length.

Rihanna Black Curled Mohawk

Rihanna obviously has a wonderful hairstylist. This short black mohawk on her is amazing! She paired it with large earrings of statement and minimal makeup. Give it a go if you like it! We know that we would certainly.

Cute Airplane Design

If you enjoy aviation, this one is for you in particular! This Mohawk haircut aircraft design is unique and its something worth getting. After all, how often do you see somebodys head impressed with a plane?

Small Double-Dash Design

can be easily obtained and looks great.

Medium Hair Mohawk

Fantastic way to get a quick and easy mohawk for medium hair. Sleek up vertically on your sides and leave the curls of course. Securely patch them with bobby pins. Carefully hide them under the curls to keep them from coming out. If your hair is shorter than pictured, these accessories may not be necessary if you are using a hairspray.

Curly Beach Mohawk

You can try this fake mohawk if you want to look like a rocker chick without any engagement.

Mohawk Full Braided

made from smaller braids. You can always use hair extensions in your or a different color if you dont have long hair. This woman mixed the colors red and black and looks incredible!

Mohawk hair roll

and roll it up. Using tiny bobby pins, the back of the hair should be protected so that nothing falls out.

Mohawk Design Leaf

offers a bold look! This haircut gives a very masculine look so you should definitely try this one out if thats what youre aiming for!

Short And Curly Faux Mohawk

is a clear boyish style. The top of the hair is backpacked and hardened with products for hair styling. Women with longer curls are supposed to use small bobby pins to secure the curls to the head. If your hair is stronghold styling items of short or medium length will be enough.

Mens highlights

Batmans design comes out! This design of Batman Mohawk looks great and fine! If youre a fan of Batman, you should get the model of this Mohawk. Even, keeping up with it is simple and has no complex systems or designs!

Shaved Short Hair Mohawk

has the same face shape so it is best to check with your hairstylist before shaving hair.

Curly Red Mohawk

How wonderful is this curly red mohawk? Both sides of the head are almost completely rasped and in the center there is a longer layered section of the hair. This hairdo looks amazing with medium-length hair on every woman. Dye your hair in blonde or red color for a more edgy look.

Bantu Mohawk

Another interesting option for an incredible mohawk is twisted skin. The sides can be twisted or braided. This woman went to the top with twisted Bantu knots for a twisted method. Its one of a kind and very feminine hairstyle!
Twisted And Braided Mohawk

is ideal for hot summer heat.


In the long hair, the hair in the middle of the Mohawk is so long that it can cover your whole face! Nevertheless, the hair on the sides is as short as a traditional fade mohawk. Mens Funky Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles

Ponytail Mohawk

in a pony tail while their sides are blonde-shaved and colored. Some people might think that this hairstyle is not suitable for events, but it looks great!

Curly Faux Mohawk

with no extreme action. The hairs sides are sleeked and her spectacular curls are left untouched. We really enjoy this classy look without any effort!

Natural Mohawk Curls

The picture above the middle section of the hair remains unchanged except for hair styling products to hold the curls in place. In the middle of your head, add enough volume.

Braided Mohawk Bun

It has twisted and combined individual braids in an imaginative bun. This style we definitely love.

Short Hair Inspired Mohawk

Curly tresses are styled upward and cascading downwards towards the front. Its simple and not very time-consuming to build this fake mohawk. This hairstyle is a great choice for women who want to try something new on short hairs.

Mohawk with Fade

In a half-Mohawk, the hair on the sides finally tapers off so that the hair is completely rasped halfway down the sides and only the skin is visible. On the back of this form of Mohawk, however, the skin does not appear.

Mohawk Curly Highlighted

works best with medium but thick hair. Small intricate braids and highlights give to the whole hairdo a special touch. This mohawk is going to bring you the magic!

Short Hair Mohawk

Beautiful singer Rihanna has a beautiful oval face that perfectly suits her with this short mohawk. She proved that it is possible to combine mohawk with an elegant dress and still look very glamorous. Two thumbs for the bravery of Rihanna!

Z-Style Mohawk Design

This inverted Mohawk Z-style design gives a very sharp finish! The spikes with a color dash just add up to the crisp look!

Cassie Roll Mohawk

You will immediately stand out from the crowd with this mohawk hairstyle. Cassie is a beautiful woman with perfect shapes of her eyes. She has no problem with this edgy hairstyle rocking. For this mohawk, are you brave enough?

Blonde Teased Mohawk


Elegant Curly Mohawk Updo

This hairdo might be a great idea if youre looking for an elegant mohawk-style updo! Real mohawk is too extreme for a lot of women. Hairdo like this one is a great way to try a fake version of Rihanna and other women around the worlds popular mohawk hairstyle.

Faqs on Mohawk Custom Haircuts

Q. How long will it take to evolve out of Mohawk designs? Weeks to a month depending on your hairs growth rate! The faster your hair grows, the easier the Mohawk will grow! Q. What does a Mohawk undercut or a Mohawk fade look better? Not tapering the sides, but getting abruptly shorter! Mohawk haircuts are a popular fashion trend and there are so many different types of Mohawks out there that you cant list them all! If you were interested in getting a Mohawk, choose your favorite design and go with it! It doesnt take long for a Mohawk haircut model to develop so you can get it approved instantly even if you do a risky mohawk or you can wait for it to go out! Its a very safe option because if you dont like the design, you can get a mohawk to undercut instead of the design! So what do you expect? Visit your favorite barber and ask him to give you the Mohawk style you want!