ways to style dookie braids

Dookie braids came a long way from the playground. With the latest and greatest bows and barrets, what used to be the go-to trend in school is now undergoing a makeover. Bring the braid game to the next level with elaborate color splashes and sparkling beads of gold.

Present-Day Dookie Braids Hairstyles

The best part about these dynamic doses is that most of them make it easy to move from day to night while still looking like a goddess! See the pictures below to prove this point

Beautiful Braids and Baby Hairs

In this picture, the hairstyle is a rather typical dookie braiding – these braids are long, lush and thick from base to tip. A few gold beads add some much-needed bling and those baby hairs that are flawlessly styled curling off the look over her forehead.

Side Parted Braids

These braids are dense in the top and thinner in the edges. The beads applied here and there look like they’re sliding down and about to collapse at different levels. A side part is the best way to wear freely hanging longer braids.

Dookie Braids with Blonde Highlights

The blonde specks in these braids make them stand out, but more so than they attract their eyes and keep them staring. Pulling back a few braids and securing them with an elastic or other brace changes the whole hairdo plus it’s a simple, easy on – the-go style to do.

Softly Pulled Back

Although this is one of the simplest braid dookie hairstyles, it is also one of the most beautiful. Pull back and secure several braids on both sides in the back. Black braids look amazing as white tops set off.

Light Brown Braids Red Lip

Obviously, the lipstick has nothing to do with the braids themselves except that the combination of colors is perfect for beautiful Instagram photos. Beyond that, the plaits ‘ golden brown color with the natural roots revealed is absolutely amazing because the design is not trying to look organic.

Bob Dookie Braids

A lot is going on here, but everything fits together well. Wear dookie braids in a sleek chin-length bob on the shorter side. That alone is a spectacular theme, but a touch of coolness is the bun piled high at the top of the head. Nothing but appreciation for the rich color of Burgundy.

Bohemian Chic Braids

The Boho chic edge with dookie braid hair can be easily displayed. On their own braids, this laid-back Bohemian vibe tends to give off. The center seals the deal here. Leave the braids long and flowing, add some beads and clasps of gold and perhaps even put on a crown of flowers.

Half Up Half Down

This incredible ‘ do for women looks elegant but it takes just a few minutes if that’s the case. The based braids wrap a basic crown bun after pulling back. It leaves the remaining braids free to cascade over a shoulder ideally as seen here. The style of the end is suitable for a queen.

Pretty and Protective

These braids are a very good hairstyle protection. The ‘ do ‘ involves braids that look as sweet as possible but cover the hair as well. Adding a non-traditionally worn headband is both eye-catching and practical.

Half Up Top Knot Braids

All about this hairstyle is chic and timely! The braids are long and flowing with a bright red mixed shade giving a vibrant touch and serving as a brightener. The bun that is commonly seen with dookie braid hairstyles is like a crown to intensify this cute thing.

Blonde Ambition

Light blonde hair and gold locks with dark roots are just something. There’s a grunge ‘ 90s street-style vibe about it and it’s enough to make any girl steal this hairstyle because the braids glisten even in the photo.

Half Up Pony dookie braids

Sometimes for your braids you need a simple yet revealing hairstyle. Instead of just a half ponytail, one or two braids loop around this pony’s base effectively hiding the elastic and adding a massive height. 278.jpg” />

<img src="https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/thr/451/451

Stylish Swept Back

This stunning look shows how artistic braid dookie hairstyles can be made. Sweep bunches of braids criss-crossing them to the right and left to keep long and heavy braids from falling into your face smart and beautiful!

Dookie Braid Bump

These dookie plays are not only great, but this ‘ do gets height and volume extra points. Bumping a half ponytail or a full ponytail does more than just adding weight and boost. It also unlocks a sacred retro atmosphere. This is the style to steal when it feels like a kind of night in the throwback of the 60s.

Thick and amusing braids

Thick and long braids that are a perfect combination. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything with a dookie braided ‘ do ‘ allowing them to float all alone is casual relaxed and ravishing. If these braids sport a rich royal color like this, it definitely helps.

Braided Braids

Braided dookie braids are easy to use and can transform into your trendy casual or even formal hairstyle. Such braids are gathered together and woven into a loose thick over – the-shoulder braid from the red carpet to the living room rug that looks at home anywhere.

Long Blonde Braids

Rapunzel’s wishes for such hair. Partly because of the way it emphasizes the skin tone and eye color of the kid, the pale golden blonde color is incredible. A simple side part is all that this style really needs to shine.

Wrapped Ponytail

It is still possible to pull braided hairstyles directly into ponytails. The effect is always interesting but it goes beyond and beyond this pony. Several braids wrap around the ponytail’s base which acts as a brace and a friendly look accent.

Minnie Mouse Buns

One of the advantages of dookie braid hairstyles is its simplicity linked to a show-stopper nature. This girl has tried to look like Minnie Mouse and we’re pretty sure she’s going to turn more than one head today!

Red and Yellow Braids Highlights

Here’s a fun hair style to try! Bright red and yellow specks stand out from the black. The clearly delineated segments add to the mystery, but the stars are the braids themselves.

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