Hair is going to have a moment. It seems these days that the limits are being moved with color more and more. Color innovation is at its height and shades of crayons are becoming as popular as conventional hair colors such as brown and blonde. The moment’s favorite hair color should be brown. Everyone seems to be rocking the green hair trend in different ways. Fascinated? Check out the green-infused hairstyles you’re going to run to the salon!

Green Hair Trend ideas

Green in highlights on a natural-colored green base in green shade to compliment another unnatural hair color such as blue or purple or total green with darkened roots? You’ll find inspiration for all of the above and much more here!

Multicolored Pixie Cut

If you can double up, why stick to a single hair color? Pair with a vibrant purple hue your favorite green color and watch some major sparks fly. This violet and green look is edgy and cool when rocked with a pixie cut.

Beautifully braided Mermaid Hair

Nothing shows dark blue and green hair as an intricately braided mane. Crown your jade mane with six braids that meet in a beautiful fishtail plait somewhere at the back of your head and cascade down. With this one you will definitely turn heads!

Color stripes

Is it not possible to commit a full green hair head? Start with a green and blue stripe tiny (but sassy). While keeping you in the safe zone, this will show off your adventurous side. It’s a great color-blown transition. ‘

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‘ Bright Green Ombr © Hair’

‘ Take the ombr © trend to the next level by adding some green neon to your hair ends. This looks great on the base of an ashy blonde and adds to any style a colorful edge. Go forward, take a chance!

Mermaid Magic

Why are mermaids supposed to have fun? Treat your inner sea creature to the recent balayage trend and try a whimsical twist. Go for smart green hair that fades to a soft green mint and see if you’re unwilling to live a life under the sea.

Green Shades

If you’re going to go green, try multiple shades. Splash your hair with teal smaragd and lime shades and you’re going to have a look like you that’s full of life and dimension.

Pretty Jade Hair

Nothing shows the beautiful green hair color of the forest like a braid. This beautifully plated look is perfect for you if you have thick textured hair. Build a Dutch braid on your head’s back and pull it so it’s complete and voluminous.

Gradient Locks

Pair your trendy edgy bob with the same edgy hair color. Blue and green hair with a chin-length cut would look amazing and expose your fancy-free side to men!

Icy Green Ringlets

Channel your inner ice princess to look as beautiful as it is edgy with a light teal hair look. Start with some silver blonde roots that seamlessly transition into soft teal tresses. You’re going to move in no time to your ice castle.

Teal Green Dreamsicle

Your favorite kid’s fun colorful look may be yours! Grant your hair a makeover popsicle by incorporating blue teal and gray horizontal layers. The results are delicious in nature.

Top Heavy Hair

While your first instinct may be to try a green hair color at the ends of your locks, why not put a fun spin on that classic hue and begin your lighter color at the roots. Dye a soft teal shade at the top of the head and switch to a lighter hue for an unexpected look that turns heads.

Silver and Teal Tresses

The dynamic duo in the beauty world appears to be sliver and white. This color mixing really makes a big splash and when done in a balayage format it looks particularly stunning. Use some chic gray slate roots that switch to a bright teal and you’re going to have the block’s most fashionable hairstyle.

Lovely Lime Green Highlights

Giving a thriving makover to your mane by adding a few green lime streaks! Chunky lime pieces blend perfectly with the natural color of your black or brown hair and make the color change smooth. Only make sure you have the right hair products to protect your black and green color and, of course, your body!

Lined Up Locks

If you’re already colored but can’t stop thinking about green or teal eyes, don’t worry. Just fill your pastel mane with a horizontal stripe of mint green hair and you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Holographic hair

You should take przmatic hair! Ask your hairstylist for a three-tiered look that blends silver blue and green, and on your hands you will have a holographic mane that is as stunning as it looks.

Jewel-tone Bob

Light as an emerald diamond. Take a page from your favorite jewel and paint a beautiful smaragd green shade on your hair. This shade is not only bold, but its dark hue also has royal elegance that will perfectly suit you.

Light and Dark Combo

Isn’t it possible to decide between dark green hair light green and all in between? Then try a three-pronged ombré with a yellow bottom layer for all of the above. This is an unpredictable look that shows people you like living on the edge of life.

Aquamarine Stripes

Perfectly match the blue and green textures at the base of the blonde platinum bob. The two shades stand out perfectly against the color of the heavy hair and make a statement.

Color Down Under

If you’re not ready for full-blown brown, go half-blown and put some color on the bottom half. It will reveal only peeks of color when the hair is worn completely down, but when worn in a half updo it will give people an eye of brown.

Peek-A-Boo Green

Candy cotton hair has improved a lot. Add your pink and blue beauty with some lime green hair and you’ll have a rainbow pastel hairstyle that’s a complete fantasy.

The time to experiment with your hair has never been better. By now you’ve seen the possibilities offered by life with green hair, so go ahead and take the day! It’s time for you to move on to greener pastures, whether you’re rocking lime green hair or jade locks. Related Posts Shadow Root Hair Low Maintenance Melted Looks Foilyage Is Your Next Favorite Hair Color Strategy Best Face Framing Highlights What is the Difference Between Partial and Full Highlights? Pintura Highlights Curly Hair Smudging’s Best Color Technique Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever the hair form is, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles The Perfect Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Braided

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