Virginia Madsen – Biography of Virginia Madsen

Virgina madsen He was born in September 1963, in the city of Chicago, United States. Daughter of a firefighter and award-winning writer Emmy, I study in the New High School from Winnetka, Illinois, and upon completion of his studies began studying acting at the Ted Liss Acting Studio Chicago and in the Harand Camp Adult Theater Seminar in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

He made his film debut with the film “Class“premiered in 1983. The following year, his first starring role in”Electric Dreams“, a romantic science fiction film directed by Steve Barron. Then they would come “Dune“(1984) and”Mr. North“(1988), during whose filming she met her future husband, Danny huston. Later he incarnated Clara Petacci in the TV series titled “Mussolini: The Untold StoryContinuing on TV, Virginia has starred in other soap operas such as “Everything to succeed“or”Death does not lie“in 1988.

It is in 1990, that Madsen stars “Burning lips“, under the direction of Dennis Hopper, and sharing scenes with Jennifer connelly. His film credits were enriched with titles such as “The Immortals II: The Challenge“(1991), where he would work with Sean Connery; “Ghosts of the past” (nineteen ninety six); “Legitimate Defense, by John Grisham“(1997); and, more recently”Firewall“where he worked with Harrison ford Y Paul bettany Y “The Number 23“(2007), starring Jim Carrey and with the address of Joel schumacher.

Virginia has also developed an intense television career, starring in numerous telefilms and integrating the cast of various series such as “American dreams“,”Justice league“,”Smith“,”Frasier“or”Monk“. He currently stars in Cheryl west, in the new series of ABC Family, “Scoundrels“.

In her personal life, Madsen was married to the actor Danny houston between 1989 and 1992. Shortly after, she began a love affair with the actor Antonio Sabato Jr., with whom he has a son by name Jack.