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Last Remaining Siri Co-Founder Resigns from Apple To Pursue Personal InterestsFigure 1 Image Courtesy of Cnet Head of Siri Tom Gruber’s Vanced Development Group, who also happens to have left the company as one of the last original co-founders of Apple’s digital assistant. A spokesperson for Apple announced his departure citing personal reasons including photography and ocean conservation interests. In 2011 and 2012, respectively, the other two makers of Siri Dag Kittlaus and am Cheyer left Apple. One of Apple’s three original voice assistant co-founders Siri has left the company, citing personal reasons. Dag Kittlaus am Cheyer and Tom Gruber co-founded Siri, who had come up with the idea of a smart digital assistant for mobile devices. In 2010 Siri was originally released as an app on the App Store before the tech giant bought it. The Cupertino tech giant has undergone a number of changes with executives from Apple India leaving the company as well as major changes in the quest and Ai divisions. Gruber has recently officially resigned and will concentrate on ocean conservation and photography personal interests. Since its release, Siri has received numerous updates to add features but lately the competition has been getting out of hand. Apple is not keeping up with the functionality Google Assistant has to offer and Amazon Alexa is opening up to allow further third-party support to remain relevant in the Digital Assistant market. iOs 12 will add a host of new functionality to Apple’s digital assistant, including Siri Shortcuts, which allows users to create custom tasks that can also use third-party applications. Grip.