The date and time of the fortnite update v11.30 is now announced. This is probably the news for Christmas. We’ll probably see leaks from this update, patch notes, and more.

We had hardly any new content added to Fortnite Battle Royale, but this season, Save the World players saw more content than they did in the previous seasons. Epic launched only the Harpoon Gun this season for Fortnite Battle Royale, but we’ll hopefully get much more soon.

In the blog post where Epic revealed a delay for Fortnite Phase 2, Stage 1 they said that they were even more excited for us to unwrap new game features and rewards.

Not only that, but we’ll get the Fortnite Star Wars celebration this week. This will happen after the next update for Fortnite.
FORTNITE UPDATE Epic Games posted a post on the Twitter account of Fortnite, announcing that the next update to Fortnite is the 11.30 patch. There have been no notifications or changes to the news feed in the game to reveal that any new items or weapons have arrived, but in this patch we should see a lot of content.

Eventually, we might see a return to Fortnite by the Heavy Assault Rifle and the Scoped Assault Rifle.

The Heavy Assault Rifle got a new look that data miners leaked with a certain number of status changes in chapter 1, but it is obviously not yet added to the game.

New Heavy Assault Rifle Fortnite Gun New Heavy Assault Rifle Fortnite Gun It is not surprising that it was added to keep players happy when complaints are received this year.

RELATIVE: Fortnite Chapter 2: Leaked Christmas Skins & Cosmetics Find v11.30 FORTNITE LEAKS Last time we had leaks from the v11.20 patch changes for Fortnite three weeks ago. Dataminers leaked the new skin design for Lace, but players were given the opportunity to recover the Fortnite file.

We should see leaks from this patch in Fortnite, which includes new skins and other cosmetics, new challenges, new load displays, and probably more information about the 14-day Fortnite Christmas event.

In the case of Epic introducing 14 days of Fortnite material, we should see the challenges, rewards and any leakage of Christmas themes in the v11.30 Fortnite patch.

FORTNITE STATUS–FORTNITE SERVER AND WHEN THEY’LL BE UP Epic Games announced that the Fortnite servers are going down for 4 AM ET (9 AM UTC) maintenance on v11.30.

SERVED: Fortnite Chapter 2 Annual Pass 2020 The servers will be left down for at least two hours before recovery, as a result of the new cosmetics v11.30 Fortnite Updating v11.30 Fortnite Patch From previous Fortnite updates. We will keep you up to date with the new server status.

FORTNITE PATCH NOTES Since this is an important Fortnite update, it is safe to presumably obtain patch notes for this update because Epic has released Fortnite Patch Notes for the v11.20 release.

Last week’s update v11.21 was a minor patch addressing bug fixes. As probably the largest update before the new year, we should get patch notes after the Fortnite servers have backed up.

When published by Epic, we will connect the patch notes of Fortnite.

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