Hard side part with taper Fade

This light and airy cut works best with any hair colour, while the taper fade adds extra freshness and coolness in the summer. Even, in order to achieve this stylish side part, you won’t have to spend hours before the mirror.

Messy Short Hair

Brushed Back Straight Hair

Faux HawkHaircut

Nevertheless, it offers the same amount of stylishness and bravery. This helps them to be embellished with different hair styles with the amount of hair left on the sides. The medium strength also makes a false mohawk a good alternative for people of all kinds. You can get a hairstyle that suits almost any occasion by simply styling your hair on top in a different way. Born To Be Wild: Hottest Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men

All You Want to Know About Short Haircuts For Men

Short haircuts are never going to go out of style for guys. Sure, some men are going for longer cuts, but there are trendy short hairstyles right now. These are flexible, requiring no time or effort other than a one-month trip to the barbershop. A traditional men’s short haircuts is the one typically cut from the top no more than 2 inches. To men with thin or balding hair, they are the perfect style. As well as being the perfect choice for those with busy lives like entrepreneurs or athletes who don’t have much time to style their hair. If you’re unsure which men’s short haircuts would look best on you, chat with your barber. But we can also assist you. We’ve compiled a list of the hippest and trendy men’s haircuts as a guide to get you started.

Men’s Short Haircuts For Receiving Hairlines

Andrew Does Haircut

High and Close Haircut

on the sides and a very short hair on the edge. If you want a dry, new and quick to get trimmed summer look, try a high, tight fade.

Short Sides with Long Textured Hair

Comb Over Pump with Low Fade and Edge Up

This pump comb is both attractive and flexible, while the low fade makes it the top haircut option for men with different shapes of the face and hair styles.

High Razor Fade with Textured Crop

A cool short cut with high rasor fade is a great idea for sports and outdoor activities because it is easy to handle and looks great even if you often wash your face. If you’re a busy man and have no time for makeup, it’s also the perfect hairstyle for guys.

French Crop

has become one of men’s most common short hairstyles. For all hair types, cropped haircuts work with fading or undercut sides and 2 to 3 inches of longer hair on top of the head. Textured and messy is the best way to wear a crop top. Only add pomade, wax, or cream light-hold and brush the hair forward and allied. This is definitely one of the best haircuts with great volume and flow for guys who want short hair.

Low Bald Fade with Side Part

Another classiccut and style with a new twist. The side part gives this fashionable hairstyle extra class, and for both formal and casual occasions can be a signature feature of your look.

Ivy League Haircut

Men’s Ivy League haircut is also referred to as the Princeton or Harvard cut. The cut from the Ivy League is a sophisticated version of a short-style crew cut with a side-swept, sleek side part. To men who want a traditional but classy style, it’s the perfect choice. The spiky cut from the Ivy League has a lot of length on top with its shape up, which is another term for spiky, textured effect to style the hair upwards and slightly to one side. For those with square-shaped eyes, this look is great.

Styling Tips And Examples How To Wear An Ivy League Haircut

Men’s Short Layered Haircut

Wes Staucet This layered cut provides a lightweight, easy-to-style, sleek dimension and texture.

Textured Crop Fringe

Textured Low Skin Crop Fade

The next step is to keep the curls under control. It’s absolutely important to get the right shampoo and conditioner for curly hair guys. The wrong shampoo that dry hair and cause frizz, but to promote healthy growth, the top-rated brands hydrate and moisturize your scalp and skin. In fact, a good conditioner makes the curls fluffy, elegant and smooth, making styling easier. > The best pomade and hair wax for curly hair provides the power to smooth and manage your hair throughout the day, while providing the perfect texture for the look you want. Many cuts and styles look good with a brilliant finish, while others need a natural matt finish, so carefully select your hair products. Only note that a light hair wax or clay, without weighing them down, will keep your long curly locks allied and relaxed. > Avoid using a dry hair product and start with towel-dried, slightly damp locks at all times. It helps to avoid frizz and encourages styling in the process later. > This styling tool could actually damage your hair and ruin your curls while you may want to use a hair straightener. If you choose to use a blow dryer to help keep your hair in place throughout the day, do this at low heat to prevent drying out your strands and follicles. >’

Textured Quiff with Tapered Sides and Beard

Long Curly Hair

Curly hair men are fortunate because they still look trendy even without a haircut. Often guys with long curly hair seem to forget that and focus only on the responsibility of handling their curls and styling them. In reality, as new styles move towards longer, textured looks, the long curly hairstyles of men are growing strong this year.

You just need to grow your hair and let the twists and waves flow naturally to wear these lustrous long hairstyles well. A good shampoo and conditioner will help the process by moisturizing and hydrating your skin and body. In addition, the occasional trim will remove split-ends and promote continued hair growth.

Long curly hair is not much needed. Many guys prefer using a lightweight hair wax, clay or pomade product to reduce frizz and keep the hair smooth and texture-filled.

Finally, the final hairstyle flows freely to wear the curls in an understated and sexy manner. Whether you have strong, thick curly hair or loose wavy hair, this look will highlight your natural texture and give you plenty of hair styling choices, including the hipster man bun.

High Fade Faux Hawk

Crop TopFade

The top fade was a fashionable fringe style for people. The short fade puts the face on top of the thick hair. The short cropped cut is brushed forward with a width of 2 to 3 inches to create a fringe. Styled messy and textured, the hair looks natural and complete.

Side part Fade

is a gentleman’s hairstyle that is perfect for both business and hipster professionals. It is possible to make short men’s cuts like the side part edgy with a hard part or line rasped into the skin. Guys don’t have to split the hair on one side neatly either. This example shows a low-fade trendy with a side-swept fringe combed to the side and back.


One of the most popular looks this season is the undercut hair style. And with some of the trendiest cuts today, discounted men’s designs take the world by storm. Undercut hair is essentially any style with a length on top and while the sides and back are either fading, buzzed or trimmed very closely. With its side shave and asymmetrical cut, this undercut fade is very masculine, dramatically shorter and angled to one hand. The long, textured beard that gives this look a little more attitude makes it even better.

On-Trend Haircut: How to build and style Undercut

Long Wavy Brushed Back Hair Low Fade

Super Short Men’s Haircuts

Angel Raws A brush cut with a fade is as short as it is with lots of fashion.

Cropped Short Hair Messy Fringe Low Fade

Popular Short Undercut Fade Hairstyle

Long Wavy Fringe Taper Fade

Popular Short Undercut Fade Hairstyle

But what edgy haircuts are the best way to get a modern, fresh look? Whether you need something a little more trendy or just no longer like your old cut and style, the trick is sure to be done by a new cut. And there’s sure to be one with your name on it with so many cool long and short edgy hairstyles for guys!

Short Thin Hair Mid Taper Fade

contains wax and clay as ingredients such as beeswax and kaolin clay make hair look thinner and smoother.

Corey Powell You never have to be trendy young or old. This classic short haircut for men with modern styling works for men of all ages but is especially distinguished by silver streaks. For matte hair products and a gray-specific shampoo that uses blue and purple colors to balance yellow tones, gray hair looks best.

High Fade Two Lines Style Curly Hair Fringe

Short Cut Low Skin Fade

Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

This cool slice, while adding texture, eliminates weight. Perform a medium hold brush, low-gloss gel between palms and rub with fingers through hair and style.

Messy Quiff High Fade

Wavy Medium Hair Beard

Best short haircuts For men

Whether you want a taper fade or undercut on the sides and a high and tight French crop, fringe, side section, Ivy League, or quiff haircut on top, here are the best men’s short haircut styles in 2019.

High Skin Fade Line Up Pompadour Beard

Buzz Cut Wild Hair Designs

It is worn with some allled volume here, but it can also be worn for work with clean cut.

Men’s Short Haircuts For Thin Hair

At a Qg event, Jared sports a trendy short haircut and fine hair design. Hair is styled for a polished detail with some texture and volume to improve completeness and a touch of component.

High Fade with Slick Back

Undercut Fringe

on the sides highlights the size and texture of the styling. Brush your hair to one side and run your hands through to allle. The aim is not to weigh a lot of product down your locks and keep the final look light and effortless.

High Crew Fade Cut

Side Swept Undercut

, still flowing and playful over the skin. With a mild styling cream or moderate hold pomade, good men’s medium short hairstyles like this can be easily styled. Drag the product through your hair, work it in evenly, and use your hands for a chic finish to brush the strands to one side. Consider growing the facial hair and trimming it for a thick stubble or short beard.

Bald FadeHaircut

If you’re looking for a really bold look, it’s sure to give you a bald fade. Only a small strip of fading hair is around the head, while the rest of the hair is rasped off. You could team it up with a really ample top because the cut is so fresh. For this scenario, a pompadour is a perfect choice. A line up and a facial hair beautifully cut ooze the style’s sharpness.

Bald Fade: Everything you’ve wanted to know about

High Temple Fade with Textured Tousled Hair

Short Sides Long Top

Short sides long top hairstyles don’t need to be added as they’ve been on a roll recently. Approximately, they are the basis for a huge number of men’s traditional hairstyles. Their versatility is what made them so famous along with low maintenance. You can play around easily on the sides or on the top or both with the size. You can also choose on the sides for a fade or taper as well as on the edge for a fringe, faux hawk or pompadour.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut: Find Out The New and Freshest Trends

Comb Over Taper

Short Sides Long Hair Top

Short Sides Long Textured Top

Men’s Haircuts For Short Thick Hair

Short Tapered Sides Wavy Fringe

Mohawk Haircut

The Mohawk haircut is the standard haircut for people who have no fear of showing off their inner (or perhaps outer) punk. It’s so edgy and contrasting that you are sure to have all faces. Since there is no hair on the sides in this fashion, you are welcome to match it with some hair on the head. A chin strap beard is just going to work perfectly.

Rock Stars Prefer Haircut Terrific Mohawk, Not For Anyone!

Undercut Messy Quiff Beard

Messy Hair with Low Taper Fade andBeard

High Fade Comb Over Spiked Fringe

Messy Hair with Low Taper Fade andBeard

Long Comb Over Low Bald Fade Shape To get the look, just work a pomade through the hair and pinch small hair parts together with your fingertips. look! The best part is that short hair is easy to style, making the hairstyles of many of these short men simple and fashionable! So if you’re searching for trendy short hair hair styles, you’re definitely going to want to test our range below!

Modern Caesar Cut

Curly High Top Fade

There are many variations in the top fade with curves. Many black men, for example, prefer styling long twists at the end, while others choose something similar to a short curly afro. Regardless of which version you prefer, it is an excellent choice to pair a high top fade with curly hair.

Short TaperHaircut

The appearance of the taper haircut varies from the shape of the fade. As it crosses the hairline, it goes from the longer hair on top to the shorter hair. Many men’s short hairstyles use tapering, especially closer to the base, in some way. A taper makes it easy and symmetrical to manage the hairstyle. Because it allows more hair to be left on top of the head, tapering pays tribute on long hair to the modern trend.

The Men’s Taper Haircut Best Guide You’ll Ever Read

Fantastic Short Haircuts For Men

Our men’s fantastic short hairstyles gallery contains a cut and style for each hair type and texture. Here are the new awesome trends in 2019 including curly, thin, and straight hair.

Messy Textured Spikes High Fade

Messy spikes are fun and easy to use. The high fade haircut is cool and new, while with some product you can style the short spiky hair and pull the spikes in various directions. We highly recommend that you ask your barber for this cut as one of the best hairstyles for short hair.

High Skin Fade with Long Thick Comb Over

This is a modern, warm alternative to classic sweeping back, as the length on top looks messier and contrasts stylishly with the high sides skin fade. If you want to look for the bad boy with ruffled hair, it’s also a low-maintenance style.

Military haircut

It is possible that a military haircut will never be out of style. Due to their low maintenance and broad versatility, these short hairstyles for men have become the preferred choice for many people. Of course, the beauty world of today has made many changes in traditional military hairstyles that modernize them and respond to current trends. Here and there they have become a little longer and are often enhanced with various elements such as a hard part, a fade or a line up.

23 Classy Military Haircut Ideas For Any Man

Mid Fade Short Wavy Hair

Best Guide To Short Haircuts For Men You’ll Ever Read

Short men’s haircuts are here for the long run. They are stylish and flexible. To people with thinning hair, a short haircut is an ideal solution. And both athletes and professionals are very common with them. There’s something for everyone, from buzz cuts to Ivy League cuts and undercut fades.

Spiky Hair Tall Bald Fade Full Beard

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle Beard

Short Sides with Layered Top and Side Swept Hair

Short Textured Men’s Haircut

Medium-length Sliced Back Hair

Short Comb Over Fade Hard Part


Short Comb Over Fade Hard Part



has always been trendy and timeless. The Ivy League is usually cut with short sides and longer hair on top as one of the best men’s short haircuts. This crew cut variant is often modeled for a sleek, classic look with a side swept front.


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