Uma Thurman – Biography of Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman was born in 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

Despite being a young actress, and having left the acting world on several occasions, Uma Thurman has an extensive film career, which has covered most of the film genres.

The daughter of a psychologist and a university professor, she grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts and spent part of her childhood in Woodstock, New York.

Her primary studies were at a private school in New England, and there, she had the fortune of being discovered by an artistic producer from New York, with only 15 years of age.

This is how, a year later, he joined the prestigious New York institute, the Professional Children´s School, determined to develop as an actress, and reaping a future professional career.

From the beginning, his professional career was characterized by his meticulous and especially intelligent selection of roles and productions, this way of choosing his works left out the typical commercial films, lacking in content.

1988 was the year in which he made his face known to the public, after having played the mythical Venus in the fantastic film “The adventures of Baron Munchausen” from Terry Guillian.

Some time later, it was very well received by critics worldwide, thanks to its third film directed by Stephen Frear, “Dangerous Liaisons”.
In it he played Cecile de Volanges, a young woman from the 18th century, who, pure and chaste, is seduced by a character played by John malkovich.

From the hand of the particularly daring director Philip kaufman, I participate in “Henry & June”, with the role of the bisexual and neurotic woman of the novelist Henry miller, in 1990.
The paper of Miller was interpreted by Fred ward.

She played a waitress who becomes the submissive servant of Robert De Niro on “Mad Dog and Glory”, released in 1993.

Then did “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”, a year later, becoming his most eccentric film of his career.
Directed by Gus Van Sant, and based on the writings of Tom robbins, personified Sissy hankshaw, in another controversial role, as a bisexual hippie.

Undoubtedly, one role that elevated her even higher among the Hollywood stars of the ’90s was that of Mia wallace, the ironic and attractive wife of Marcelus, one of the most dangerous gangsters in the film directed and written by Quentin Tarantino, “Pulp Fiction”, which had the participation of great stars such as John Travolta, Samuel Jackson Y Bruce Willis, among others.
In 1996, she is nominated for Oscar award thanks to his performance in said film.

At the end of the year, he had a role in the dramatic-romantic period film “A Month by the Lake”, participating with Vanessa redgrave; He also did the same in another love story, but this time contemporary, “Beautiful Girls”, under the directive command of Ted demme.

Among its most prominent titles we can find: “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”, “Batman & Robin”, “Gattacca” Y “The Avengers”.

In mid-1999, he performed on stage for the first time in the New York company Classic Stage Company, in a contemporary version of “The Misanthrope” from Molière.

We can include among his latest projects, the following: “Sweet And Lowdown” directed by Woody Allen, who starred alongside Sean Penn Y Samantha morton; next to Gérard Depardieu Y Tim roth, “Vatel”; “The Golden Bowl!”, a version that society Merchant / Ivory took to the cinema, from the original work written by Henry James, which had Nick nolte accompanying her in the ring; Y “Tape” with Robert Sean Leonard and her husband, Ethan hawke, for which she was nominated for the award Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

Not long ago, she herself, in addition to starring, produced a film for HBO, which they called “Hysterical Blindness”.
The film was led by Look nair, and the collaborations of Juliette Lewis Y Gena Rowlands.

2003 was a great year for the actress; since after five years of having disappeared from the scene, it reappears with the film “Paycheck” from John woo, sharing the leading role with Ben affleck Y Aaron Eckhart.

It was also made of Golden Globe to Best actress thanks to your representation of Debby miller in the tv movie “Blind of love” and was nominated for SAG Awards for the same role.

But the success does not end here, since that same year he participates in what would be a saga that would break the box office. “Kill Bill Vol 1” and its sequel, “Kill Bill Vol 2”, was his new collaboration with Quentin Tarantino, really managing to relaunch his professional career.

In The Saga of Kill bill, plays an effective revenge-thirsty hit man who seeks out Bill, her ex-lover and head of the professional assassins organization of which she was obviously a part, to take his life.
The role was specially written by Tarantino for her on the day she turned 30.

According to his own Quentin, she was his inspiration while writing the script, and admitted that the main character of the film, Beatrix kiddo, was created by both during the filming of “Pulp Fiction” starting solely from the image of a bloody bride.

After his return to success, he carried out some more projects of variable recognition.

In 2005 he participated in “Be Cool”, an adaptation that made F. Gary Gray from the second part of “Get Shorty” What did Elmore leonard, where John Travolta is in charge of personifying Chili palmer.

He also made the romantic comedy “Accidental Husband” from Hugh wilson, and a year later, starred “Prime” another romantic comedy, where she plays a young woman who has a love affair with her psychologist’s son, and who unknowingly begins to be the main theme of her sessions.