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ByNitish Singh-July 2 2018.567 Figure 1 Picture Courtesy of David Breyer Recent reports indicate that Microsoft plans to release a dual-screen Pocketable Surface computer sometime in the future that brings PC and mobile platforms together. The technology is codenamed Andromeda and reports suggest that for at least two years the system has been in production. Microsoft Surface Chief Panos Panay reported last week the presence of the heavily-rumored system Andromeda. Panay teased a dual-screen interface aiming to cross the worlds of Desktop and smartphone. The computer is said to belong to the Surface family and will feature two touch-screen displays, with no hardware keyboard included. It is not the first time Microsoft imagines a dual-screen computer. Its first ‘ Courier ‘ dual-screen computer was never released, but the Pc booklet was never released with the original Apple iPad coming out simultaneously and dominating the tablet market. Office 365 chief designer Jon Friedman revealed that “Courier was really about bridging the gap between the analog world and the digital world.” Huge thanks to Lg Show for that awesome caricature. # — Panos Panay (@panos panay) June 28, 2018 Samsung has also shown interest in the development of dual-screen displays in the past. Lg Monitor operates on foldable screens as well but the system is still in the early stages. Sony’s Tablet P tried to offer Microsoft’s Andromeda-like computer, but it was marred by a lack of apps that took advantage of Android in dual-screen formats. It will be fascinating to see something different from Microsoft with Google pulling out of the Android tablet market and iPads winning market share. Figure 1 Share WiFi without unlocking your iPhone The all-new Wi-Fi Widget that lets you see your Wi-Fi check and share it instantly. Sharing WiFi from the lock screen without even unlocking your computer is the fastest way possible. What is that Wi-Fi Widget doing? You can have it on home screen for quicker access with the aid of 3D touch. Send your Wi-Fi Password to any messaging app with simple copy-pasting option. .569 Few of the Wi-Fi Widget apps are See your Network – No longer waiting for random no internet router connection. Share Password-Share your WiFi name password with a single tap. Internet Check Status – Facing uptime problems within seconds with your WiFi router switch to Lte. 3D Touch – Put Wi-Fi Button on your home screen so you can view your wi-fi overview and share your password even more easily. .570 Figure 2 3D Touch on Wi-Fi Widget Pricing: $0.99 Start Offer Download Connection for Wi-Fi Widget Upcoming functionality promised by the developer “After receiving multiple requests to hide password on the lock screen, a new toggle to allow this behavior is now awaiting Apple approval (version 1.0.2).”