UEFA approves new solidarity payments model

The UEFA Executive Committee approved a new model of solidarity payments for clubs that do not participate in men’s club competitions for the 2021-24 cycle, in which it expects a total of 175 million euros to be available compared to 130 million for the 2018-21 cycle.

The UEFA announced this Thursday the decision of its executive meeting yesterday in Chişinău (Moldova) which “reaffirms the strong financial commitment of the UEFA with the whole of European football and ensures greater financial solidarity to a broader spectrum of clubs. “

The approved changes include increasing the participation of all federations other than the top five (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) and limit the participation of these five.

Also reduce the differences between the federations with and without clubs that participate in the group stage of the Champions League and the weight of market shares and their distribution based on fair and recognizable sporting principles.

The UEFA indicated that the 4% solidarity for non-participating clubs (140 million euros based on a global revenue forecast of 3.5 billion euros) will be complemented by 30% of the revenue generated by club competitions above 3,500 million euros, up to a maximum of 35 million.

As a result, a total of € 175 million is expected to be available from competition revenues to non-participating clubs, compared to € 130 million for the 2018-21 cycle.

The participation reserved for federations that are not in the top five will increase to 132.5 million euros (about 50 million euros more than with the previous scheme, which represents an increase of more than 60%).

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