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Google Images Instagram-like ‘ Shoppable’sByNitish Singh-March 6, 2019.1085 Google Search and Google Images will soon host photo-based ads that can link users to online retailers. Currently the functionality is limited to just a few product categories and retailers but will grow in the coming months. Businesses have always used social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to promote their products and over time, these websites have developed into mini e-commerce stores. With its image search tool, Google is trying something similar and users will soon be seeing product listings appear at the top of the search results. According to Google its new shopping advertising feature would allow brands to overlay their items on search results along with price tags. For Google, search results are by no means new with text search results being used the same way but ‘ Google Images ‘ has always been an ad-free experience. That is about to change very soon. Users will be able to distinguish supported ads fairly easily from the actual search results and if they are interested they will press on a blue icon and be directed to the product or service’s landing page. Google said it is evaluating the feature on a very small scale, and is currently limited to just a few types of items. Currently the number of partnered retailers is also very small with more collaborations planned in the months ahead. Google Images implementation is done quite well with items shown in a small carousel, instead of being quite invasive. The carousel may be used by marketers to display important information such as product descriptions and advertisements alongside the product imagery itself, according to the search giant.