Turkish Eye Meaning – What It Is And What It Is For

Turkish Eye Meaning - What It Is And What It Is For

One of the most popular amulets that exist around the world is the Turkish eye, a very particular symbol that is almost always blue with different shades and that has always been used as a protector from the evil eye. Originally from Turkey, this amulet has a deep meaning that is deeply rooted in this area of ​​the Mediterranean, causing many people to have it at home, wear it as a bead or have it tattooed on their skin to protect themselves from bad energies. In this OneHowTo article we are going to show you the turkish eye meaning so that you know the history of this popular amulet.

What is the Turkish eye and what is it for

The Turkish eye it is also known by the name of “born“and it is a protective amulet that is presented in the form of a flat drop whose interior contains the shape of an eye. This bead is often used to protect yourself from bad energies as well as the evil eye.

It is usually an amulet made by hand and for which crystals of different colors are used, although the majority is blue. It is formed by different circles that contain blue tones that go from dark to light until we reach the white that we find in the center of the bead. This color may vary depending on the intention with which you wear it.

The use of the Turkish eye

This amulet is worn because it is considered an item protector from evil influences. Superstitiously magical properties are attributed to it that can protect us from malicious energies as well as from envious people.

It is believed that the bad feelings that human beings generate can come out through the eyes, since this is the most expressive part of the body. To prevent this natural energy from influencing the people around, this amulet is used, which serves as a protective barrier against these negative feelings.

Are bad vibes come out of people’s eyes that they feel jealous or envious and that, therefore, due to these feelings they are able to send negative energies to other people. His gaze is stained by the darkness of feeling and he comes out due to the force of fear.

Origin of the Turkish eye

Now that you know the turkish eye meaning, we are going to travel time to discover its origins and, thus, understand where this amulet so widespread in our society comes from. In the history of mankind, the eye has always been considered one of the most expressive senses that we have and, therefore, with the ability to drive away evil. This ancient belief was adapted by the Turks, in the Anatolia region, by handcrafting an amulet that contained the image of an eye and that was able to avoid the evil eye and any other negative feelings.

Thus, the origin of this amulet is in Turkey, a country where, today, this bead is still produced in an artisan way with the same method that was used thousands of years ago.

Its influence also reached other countries in the area and, for this reason, Greece also began to wear this talisman; in fact, in many places it is referred to as the “Greek eye” rather than the Turkish one. Since then, this amulet has been worn as a protector and is usually worn on pieces of costume jewelery or jewelry such as necklaces, anklets, bracelets, etc., although they are also placed in areas such as the home, the workplace or the car.

Meaning of the Turkish eye - What is it and what is it for - Origin of the Turkish eye

The different colors of the Turkish eye and their meaning

Although mostly the Turkish eye is presented in bluish tones, the truth is that there are different amulets depending on the use that you want to give it. Next we are going to discover you the colors you can find and its corresponding meaning:

  • Blue: symbolizes good Karma, therefore, it is related to good energies and against the evil eye.
  • Light Blue: offers direct protection against the evil eye and symbolizes truth and purity.
  • Red: is meant to protect us in love, passion and desire. It is the color of energy.
  • Yellow: this amulet is used to be protected in health since this color represents strength and vitality.
  • Green: It is usually worn to protect us from bad energies and to be able to develop ourselves personally. It is the color of hope and personal growth.
  • White: it is the amulet destined to purify the energies and to change the negative ones into positive ones. It is the color of goodness and purity.

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