Trevor Howard – Biography of Trevor Howard

Actor Trevor Howard was born on September 29, 1913 in the town of Cliftonville, in the county of Kent, in England.

He studied at the Royal British Academy of Dramatic Art, and his debut was, like that of so many actors, in the theater in 1934. For 10 years he was representing various theatrical works, until in 1944 he made his debut on the big screen. .

His debut was with the movie “The Way Ahead”, and the following year, in 1945, his big break would come, when David Lean offered him a role in the movie “Brief Encounter”, giving life to the character of Dr. Alec Harvey , role for which Trevor has gone down in film history. In addition, in 1949 he participated in another emblematic feature film, The Third Man.

From here, the actor began to receive offers, and in the 1950s he shot a significant number of films, such as “Flight to the Sun”, Around the World in 80 Days, “The Key” or “Las roots of heaven ”, among many others.

During the 60s Trevor continued to participate in films, many of which have already become part of film history, such as Rebellion on board, “Operation whiskey”, “The legend of a brave man”, “The last load “Or” The Battle of England “, among many others.

From the 70s until the end of his career, the actor was part of the cast of feature films such as Ryan’s daughter, “Blackmail against a wife”, “The Count of Montecristo”, Superman or Gandhi.

Regarding his personal life, Trevor married Helen Cherry in 1944, with whom he lived until his death.

The actor was characterized by his simplicity, which made him reject the appointment of Sir Briton that was offered to him.

Trevor Howard died on January 7, 1988 due to bronchitis.