Top 10 Curly Hair Cuts and Styles for 2021


Do you want to know what to do with your naturally curly hair? Would you like to discover new cuts and styles that can enhance the beauty of your curls? Then you’ve come to the right site.

Read on and find out what the cutest curly hairstyles and cuts are for this year, and head on straight to your favorite salon. Make sure to make a beeline for an expert on giving the best hairstyling services, though, so you can stride out with your newfound curly-haired confidence.

Join the Curl Craze

While 2020 would undoubtedly have events that will make your head (and toes curl), 2021 is on track to making curly hair the “in” thing to have. Make waves with like the Queen of Curls, Zendaya, or channel your 80s vixen with Rihanna’s naturally curly mullet.

If you want to get on the curly hair cruiser, then check out our list of cuts and styles suited to give you that Goldilocks vibe. One critical reminder, though: make sure to go to a curly hair expert only. The key to incredible and effortlessly gorgeous locks is to have professional hairstylists do their magic on your hair.

Not all hair salons are created equal, so you better do your homework. Search for the best salon that will take care of your curls and waves. As you know, curly hair needs its fair share of attention and care. It has different needs compared to straight mane and, therefore, must be dealt with appropriately.

Having an expert on curly hair cut, color, and style, your hair will do you and your hair a world of good. They can even give you a lesson on the dos and don’ts of working with your curly locks.

So here are some pegs that you can choose from and show your stylist. In case you can’t decide on one, don’t worry and simply ask hair salon experts. They would surely know what curly style would best suit your face and body shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

1. Afro Curls

Embrace your natural curls as the 70s-style Afro is coming back with a vengeance. It hasn’t gone away, to be honest, but 2021 is welcoming this hairstyle back with open arms.

Schedule a curly cut appointment with a curly hair expert so you can also get lessons on how to hydrate and care for your curly locks.

2. After-Braid Curls

If you don’t have natural curls but still want to have bouncy beach waves, then try braiding your hair before you go to bed. By doing this, you can wake up with textured wavy curls.

For an expertly done fresh-from-the-beach look, go to a top salon and ask the stylist to give you a mermaid hairstyle—perfect waves without the need to braid your hair.

3. Angled Curly Bobs

Bobs are some of the best-go-to cuts for women who lead a get-up-and-go lifestyle. It’s short and relatively easy to style – that is, only if a professional hairstylist has done it.

To give your curly hair a more modern 2021 feel, ask your stylist for an angled bob cut. This kind of cut can look stunning at any age and can give you that instant oomph looks-wise.

4. Clips on Curls

You’ve seen it on TikTok icons and celebrities. Yes, barrettes and clips are all the rage (again) this 2021.

Tame your curly locks at the front by pinning them down with a lovely barrette, or just keep it wild and carefree with colorful clips. Just make sure to keep your curls well cared for.


Do so by booking an appointment at a curly hair salon and getting a curl steam and deep conditioning hair treatment. You’d love how wonderfully soft and manageable your tresses would turn out to be.


5. Crimped Curls are Back


Y2K may have given most people the chills, but one thing that indeed made waves was crimped hair. Channel the cool vibe of the 2000s by using a crimper on straight or wavy hair.

If you are already blessed with naturally crimped-looking hair, then style it with pearl-embellished hair accessories or just let it hang loose. Remember to visit your curly hair salon for regular trims at least every four to six weeks.

6. Curly Mullets

Miley Cyrus has it, Rihanna flaunts it, and so do many more celebrities and influencers worldwide. The verdict is in: the 80s mullet is back.

Get out and go to your stylist to give you this curly-in-front-party-at-the-back hairstyle. Some say that it takes a particular gal and gall to sport this curly mullet haircut, but if you’ve got the confidence, why not play and have fun with your curls?

7. Curls and Colors

Give your curly locks a twist by letting a professional stylist apply color. There’s a kaleidoscope of trendy colors for 2021 – from pastels to purples, chocolate to cinnamon, and even whimsical unicorn hues.

Plus, if you go to a curly hair salon, they can offer you a unique service that uses a sophisticated technique when applying color. Some expert stylists would hand paint color onto your hair to replace conventional highlighting, defining each curl and creating a perfect balance between light, shadow, shape, and tone with every lock.

8. Curtain Bangs

Get that celebrity look with curly curtain bangs. Frame your lovely face with charming corkscrew curls or loose waves. The key is to let a curly hair expert handle the cut and styling, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

9. Natural Curls

Rock the year with your natural curls. Whether it’s short, long, or mid-length, the most important thing is that your locks are healthy.

To ensure that you keep your curls in top condition, visit a curly hair salon and seek curly hair expert service. Curly hair pros are trained in techniques specifically designed to care for curly hair, so you can be assured that your hair will be handled with care.

10.  Top-Knots and Updos

Another trendy style for 2021 is to put your curls up in a casual top-knot or a classy updo. Whether you’re just hanging out in the park or going to a wedding, your curls will be cascading gracefully when a top curly hairstylist styles them.

Curly Hair, Don’t Care.

Curly hair may look like it’s a handful for some, but if you take steps to ensure that it is well taken care of, then your curls will look absolutely gorgeous.


Visit a reputable salon that specializes in curly hair for top-notch hair care, and you’ll be making waves with your gorgeous locks.





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