Tom Wilkinson – Biography of Tom Wilkinson

Thomas Jeffery Wilkinson He was born in Leeds, England, on December 12, 1948.

At the age of 4, he moved to Canada with his parents, but after a few years, he returned to England to run a Pub in the town of Cornwall.

He attended the Kent University the career of Literature, and received a Bachelor of English and American Literature and in which he was a member of the T24 Drama Society and of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

From his beginnings as an artist, Tom devoted himself to acting, working in television, film and theater.

His film debut was in 1976 in the film “Smuga Cienia”, a Polish film by Andrzej Wajda.

He continued with his work in the following years in film and television, as in the miniseries “Crime and punishment” in 1979, TV movies “Squaring the circle”, “Strangers and brothers”, “Sharma and beyond” Y “Sakharov” in 1984, and some giant screen productions, such as “Parker” in 1984 and “Wetherby” the next year.

He had many jobs on TV series episodes, such as “Traveling man”, “Happy families” in 1985 and “Ruth Rendell Mysteries” in 1988.

He continued to participate in numerous films for television and some for cinema, but his first important role that would lead him to earn a place in the world of popcorn, was in 1997 in the film “Full Monty”, in which he had to play Gerald. This performance earned him an award BAFTA to the “Best Supporting Actor”.

In the same year he had to play the Marquis of Queensberry in the movie “Wilde”, in which he worked together with Stephen Fry Y Jude Law.

After participating in several films that same year, he has to play Thomas griffin in the famous “Rush Hour” in 1998, a film in which he shared scenes with great actors such as Jackie Chan Y Chris tucker.

In the same year he had to participate in an important film, called “Shakespeare in love”, in which he plays Hugh fennyman, sharing the bill with excellent British actors such as Geoffrey rush Y Joseph Fiennes.

His next big role was in the famous movie “The patriot” with Mel Gibson Y Heath ledger in 2000, directed by Roland emmerich, in which he played the Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis.

The following year, he starred in a movie called “In the room”, a drama that earned him his first Academy Award nomination for “Best Supporting Actor”, an award that he did not win, but the one that did win was the award Independent Spirit Award What “Best Leading Performance”.

That same year he participated with Martin Lawrence of comedy “The black knight”, interpreting the Sir Knolte of Marlborough.

He then continued his work in cinema, playing roles in numerous films, until in 2005 he played Carmine falcone on “Batman starts”, from the hand of the English director Christopher Nolan, sharing scenes with Christian bale, Gary oldman and a great cast.
He also performed the voices for the film’s game.

In the same year makes Father Moore in the horror movie “Emily Rose’s exorcism” next to

In 2007 he participated in three films “Dedication”, “Cassandra’s dream”, in which he works together with Ewan McGregor Y Colin farrell; Y “Michael Clayton”, in which he shares a poster with George Clooney. This latest film also earned him a nomination for Oscar under the shortlist of “Best Supporting Actor”. Although he did not win the Oscar, he won a ALFS Award under the shortlist of “British Supporting Actor of the Year”.

Tom currently lives with his wife, the actress Diana Hardcastle and his daughters Alice and Mollie, in London.