Tom Hardy – Biography of Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas Hardy He was born on September 15, 1977 in the city of Hammersmith (London), England. Only child of a comedy writer father and an artist and painter mother, Tom He studied at two private schools, the Reed’s School and the Tower House School, to continue his training at the Richmond Drama School and the London Drama Center.

At the age of 19 he won a modeling competition, however, despite his desire to become an actor, he spent several years of his adolescence and youth in attitudes bordering on crime and fighting alcoholism and drug addiction. It was only in 2002, after finishing his work on edl film “Star Trek: Nemesis“that he took seriously his treatment to quit addictions, recognizing in these the causes of his divorce from the actress Sarah Ward.

Hardy made his professional debut in 2001, when he was a member of the cast of the miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg Y Tom Hanks, “Band of brothers“Then I would work on”Black Hawk Downed“(2001) and in”Star Trek: Nemesis“(2002).

Already recovered from his addictions, Tom he worked, for the next five years, in film, theater and television. In this last medium, he filmed several television films and had prominent roles such as that of Robert Dudley in the miniseries “The Virgin Queen“(2005), starring Anne-Marie Duff, Sienna guillory Y Ian Hart; or Jack donnelland in the mystery series “Cape Wrath“; and, more recently, Freddy on “The Take“.

Among the almost 30 feature films that Hardy has filmed throughout his career, after “Star Trek: Nemesis“, his credits can be seen in British tapes such as”The Wells Mystery“,”The point on the I“(2003),”LD 50 Lethal Dose“(2003),”Layer Cake – organized crime“(2004) or”Minotaur (2006).

That same year 2006, he obtained the role of Raumont in the movie of Sofia coppola, starring Jason schwartzman Y Kirsten dunst, “Marie Antoinette“; which they followed”The Inheritance” in 2007; “Sucker Punch“,”RocknRolla” Y “Bronson“in 2008 and”The Code” in 2009.

Among his latest works, Hardy had a starring role in the four-time Oscar-winning film “Origin (Inception)“(2010), directed by Christopher Nolan and with a cast headed by Leonardo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Y Ellen page. He also had a supporting role in “The mole“(2011); and co-starred, along with Nick nolte Y Joel edgerton, “Warrior“(2011).

Among his upcoming jobs, Tom will lead the cast of the romantic comedy “This is war“(2012), together with Reese witherspoon Y Chris pine; will also be the protagonist of “Wettest County“(2012), seconded by Shia labeouf Y Guy pearce; and in “The Dark Knight Rises“(2012), will play the terrorist leader Bane, in this new installment of the Batman saga, whose protagonists are, in addition, Christian bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Y Gary oldman.

In his personal life, Hardy he divorced his first wife Sarah Ward, in 2004. He is currently engaged to the actress Charlotte riley. He also has a son, with his ex-girlfriend Rachael speed, called Louis Thomas.