Tips for Hair Straightening

Almost everyone owns a straightening iron nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily imply that everyone knows that right way to use that flat iron too. Many people complain about not achieving professional salon-like hairstyles. Some people blame their flat iron which is partially true as quality flat iron plays an important role in determining the hairstyle but isn’t always the case. If you have a good quality flat iron but still unable to get those ravishing hairstyles that everyone fancy, then we have some expert tips to remove hurdles in your way to achieve most envied hairstyles. Also, it is highly recommended to use the best hair brush straightener. Now, let’s discuss the main part of our topic.

Preparation steps:

People usually ignore the importance of the preparation step and is underrated for the help it provides during the hairstyling. Ignoring the preparation might be the biggest hurdle for your hairstyle satisfaction. The following are the steps that you must perform before applying the flat iron to your hair.

 Washing Hair:

There is a great chance that your hair might not be as clean as they seem. Small dust particles make their way between the hairs so it recommended washing your hair just before straightening them.


Applying flat iron to wet hair can destroy your hair. A good practice is to dry your hair 60 to 70 percent after washing them. Don’t rub your hair recklessly with the towel as it will increase the frizz. Tap your hair with a towel until you feel the dripping has stop and hair is up to 60% dry.

Combing hair:

Combing the hair removes the frizz and untangles your hair. Straightening tangled hair can not only ruin your hairstyle but also can be harmful to your hair health. Move the comb along the length of your hair until you stop feeling the resistance.

Protection against the heat:

Real problem is that flat iron uses the heat to break down the current structure of your hair and reshapes it into straightened hair. Heat is the biggest enemy for your hair and long term exposure to heat might cause scalp and hair problems like dandruff, dull hair, split ends, and damaged hair.

Applying heat protection spray guards your hair against the extreme heat content and minimizes its harmful effects. This is step is really necessary if you are one who uses flat iron often.

Straightening the hair, the right way:

Adjusting the temperature:

It is necessary that you identify the right temperature for your hair type. Some hair types need high temperatures for them to be reshaped while others can be harmed at high temperatures because of their sensitive nature. If you have thin fine hair then it is probably a good idea to stay at 300F. On the other hand, if your hair is coarse and stubborn then you might want to straighten your hair near 350F. Any temperature above this value is not safe to operate unless you are a professional hairstylist.

Sectioning hair:

While your flat iron achieves the desired temperature, you can divide your hair into sections using bobby pins and clips. It will help during straightening.

Straightening the section:

Take one section at a time so that you make sure that you don’t leave some parts or overdo some parts of the hair. Start 1 inch away from the roots of your hair and move the flat iron towards the end of your hair slowly and steadily. Steady movements ensure the uniformity of the hairstyle. When you reach the end of the hair, give your flat iron a little bend. Repeat this step to each section of your hair.

Apply setting spray:

Apply hair setting spray so that your hairstyle lasts for the whole day. This step is additional and you might skip it.

Bottom Line:

Professional hairstyles are not as easy to achieve as they seem. There might be several issues that are refraining you from having the best hairstyle which can make your personality even more charming. Follow the guide provided in this article to minimize those issues and get maximum out of your hair styling session.