Tim Blake Nelson – Tim Blake Nelson Biography

Actor, writer, singer and director Tim blake nelson was born in 1964, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Son of Ruth Kaiser Nelson, a renowned social activist and philanthropist from Tulsa, Nelson He is Jewish by his maternal grandparents, who escaped the Nazis shortly after World War II.
Tim attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute located in Lone Wolf, and graduated in 1982 from the Holland Hall School in Tulsa. Later, in 1986, he obtained his degree in the Brown university, and finally, in 1990, he graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School.

He began his acting career in 1992, when he participated in the drama starring Julie Kavner Y Dan AykroydThis is my life”, And since then he has developed a successful career, mainly in film.

Among his credits for the big screen, we can mention titles such as “Heavy weights“,”Donnie brasco“,”The thin red line“,”O Brother!“, A comedy in which he starred alongside George Clooney Y John turturro, “Minority report“,”The curse of the holes”, In which he worked together with Sigourney weaver Y Jon voight, “His parents“,”A lucky break“,”Syriana“,”Little savages“,”The Incredible Hulk“,”Flypaper” Y “Yelling to the Sky“, among other.

On television, he has been a guest actor in series such as “House of buggin“,”Dead Man’s Walk“,”Stella” Y “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”; He has also worked on some TV movies; among them “Bereft” Y “Possible Side Effects”, And since 2011, he can be seen in the role of Casey malick in the recently released series “Chaos”.
In addition, the actor is currently working on 5 upcoming films.

Regarding his career as a writer, director and producer we can mention the tapes “The gray area” Y “Leaves of Grass”, In which he worked on all 3 aspects.

In regards to your personal life, Nelson He currently resides in New York City with his wife, Lisa benaveides, and their 3 children.