Thousand faces – Biography of Thousand faces

On July 15, 1942, Aarón Rodríguez Arellano, known in the world of wrestling as “One thousand faces”.

In the mid-1950s, Rodríguez, after witnessing a wrestling match, decides to become a professional wrestler.

At the beginning of the 60s, Rodríguez had already taken part in various combats, under the name of Ricardo Durán.

Valiente Pérez, creator of the magazine “Lucha Libre”, was at that time looking for a new character, discovering Rodríguez, who they turned into a masked fighter with thousands of faces, hence its name.

In the 60s of the last century, “One thousand faces”Also began his career on the big screen. At that time, the film producer Enrique Vargas, was looking for new talents to star in a series of films whose main theme was to be wrestling.

There were several candidates, such as Blue Demon, who was injured, and El Santo, with whom he did not reach an economic understanding, finally finding a thousand faces. This one starred in the first two films. The first one was titled A Thousand Faces, and it was filmed in black and white.

Thanks to the great showiness of the masks and to the fact that the protagonist he had a perfect profile as a fighter, they immediately offered him a 15-year contract to shoot 17 feature films.

At the end of the 60s, he starred alongside John Carradine in the films Las vampiras and “Enigma de muerte”.

At the same time, One thousand faces He continued to face various wrestling matches, an activity that he had been carrying out for years.

At the end of the 60s he moved to the United States to fight, obtaining great success in that country. Shortly after, he did the same in Japan.

Already in the 70s, he would continue to act in various films, including “A rose on the ring”, “Black power” or Mystery in Bermuda, among others.

In 1975, PWI magazine awarded him the distinction for the best fighter of that year, thanks to the votes obtained by his readers.

It should be noted that Aaron is considered the second most iconic fighter in the history of wrestling, only behind Hulk Hogan.

Nowadays One thousand faces He is still fighting in the rings, being one of the longest-running fighters.

Among the other badges that the fighter has achieved so far, it is worth highlighting, Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, IWA World Heavyweight Championship, NWA Americas Heavyweight Championship, NWA Hall of Fame, WCWA World Tag Team Championship or WWA World Heavyweight Championship, among others.