These are the 18 pain points of fibromyalgia: Treatment to combat it

People with fibromyalgia feel a general pain, but in certain areas or sensitive points, the pain experienced is perceived as more intense. To try to alleviate this pain, there are exercises for fibromyalgia. Do you want to know what are the 18 fibromyalgia pain points and the most appropriate treatment to alleviate the symptoms?

What are the points of fibromyalgia?

As we have already mentioned, the symptoms of fibromyalgia stand out for being a generalized pain. However, specific points are located throughout the body, whose sensitivity is extreme. They are called fibromyalgia tender points and are located in 18 fairly small key areas, in which the patient feels pain with minimal friction.

This symptom is key to identifying the disease. In fact, the diagnosis is easily recognizable when the physician examines the patient and the patient complains by exerting slight pressure on these targeted areas.

Where are fibromyalgia sore spots located?

When it comes to identifying these painful points, it is necessary to be able to distinguish and locate them. For this, the American College of Rheumatology published some exploration criteria that are used to reach these painful points, where in at least 11 of the 18 points (nine pairs), there is pain when pressing, thus corresponding to very sensitive areas for mechanical stimuli, that is, with a low threshold for pain.

In this way, fibromyalgia pain points They are distributed in these areas of the body:

On the elbows

• In the buttocks (upper third and iliac crest)

On the inside of the knees

In the outer area of ​​the hips

Between the shoulder blades (above the spine of the scapula)

Below the collarbone, in the upper chest area

At the nape or base of the skull

In the lower neck muscles

In the trapezius muscles located in the back next to the shoulders

Symptoms of fibromyalgia pain points

With fibromyalgia pain is perceived abnormally. Thus, the affect feels pain in certain stimuli that are normally not annoying. Also, fibromyalgia can cause stiffness, mainly in the morning, or feeling of swelling in the hands and feet. It is also possible to feel a kind of tingling, mainly in the hands.

Patients who go to the doctor usually describe it as a pain that is felt throughout the body, sometimes it is even defined as a discomfort or burning. The pain can vary depending on the time, changes in the weather or certain aspects related to the person’s life such as stress, lack of sleep or activity level.

Most patients feel:

• Tiredness

• Sleep disorders

• Anxiety or depression

• Headache

• Dry eyes and mouth

• Irritable colon

• Pain during period

Treatment for fibromyalgia sore spots

For fibromyalgia there is no definitive cure. Medical treatment basically consists of improve the patient’s quality of life, reducing pain and other symptoms.

To act, it is very important to obtain more information about the disease, such as the factors that trigger the flare-ups. In the same way, the doctor must determine if it is necessary to treat certain psychological disorders or advise the practice of gentle physical exercise.

Also important control lifestyle habits of the patient for improve sleep quality and take certain medications, as long as the doctor tells you to: pain relievers, muscle relaxants, or antidepressant drugs. All this accompanied by a diet for fibromyalgia.

This information does not replace in any case the diagnosis or prescription by a doctor. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms occur in case of illness and never self-medicate.

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