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Installing a Vpn on Windows?

You have three different models of the system before you. You can use any of the following methods depending on how competent your Vpn provider is, and what your needs are. Here’s a helpful overview: Installing a native client: Installing a native Windows application is by far the easiest process. The good news is that any trustworthy Vpn provider has native apps that make this process as simple as possible for virtually any device. Manual Vpn configuration: You should set up your Vpn manually if you want to have a full control in your hands or if you don’t want to use third party tools.

Method # 1: Install a Native Vpn Client

Because Windows is the most common desktop and laptop operating system, it should come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of Vpn providers have built their own Vpn client applications. This is one of the reasons why we pay so much attention to the Windows client of a given Vpn when we review it. This will be the principal interface for all Vpn configuration for most users. This is the position where you choose to attach your protocols to a server and generally control every aspect of the Vpn. So let’s see how you can mount a Vpn on Windows using the native app in your Vpn. First and foremost you need ExpressVpn which scored the highest in our tests. So go ahead and sign up; go to the Sign-In Page of ExpressVpn if you already have an account. Enter your credentials and you will see a summary of your account;.674.674.674.674 Next click at the top of the page on Open for Windows. The file enters at around 25Mb so downloading shouldn’t take too long. Installer operated. It shouldn’t take more than one minute to load. You will see the Welcome screen once the installation is completed. This is where the activation code will need to be entered – return to your ExpresVpn Account Page;.676.676 Copy and paste the activation code. .677 .677 This is it! ExpressVpn is fully active at this time. Feel free to pick and connect to a server. Try surfing the Internet safely! Don’t just click through with nothing to read. Make sure you do not consent to install third party applications that may be sold by your Vpn provider. You may be asked to approve the installation of virtual network devices and the OpenVpn software kit during the installation.

Option # 2: Use OpenVpn for Windows

In a rare situation where you don’t have a Windows client for your Windows version or you don’t have an alternative for some reason. As long as the Vpn provider follows the OpenVpn protocol, and offers configuration files for OpenVpn, you can use the official Windows OpenVpn application. Installation complete. Next you need to download the configuration files in OpenVpn from the website of your Vpn provider. They usually hide these behind a paywall so if you can’t get to them, you’ll need to be logged in to the site. If you use ExpressVpn: Open ExpressVpn’s website, click on ‘ My Account ‘ in the main menu and continue to sign in;.674.674.674.674.674 Then click on ‘ Set Up More Apps ‘ and then click on ‘ Manual Configuration; ‘ look at the right side of the screen. Copy-paste your custom username and password first of all. Then pick your desired Vpn location (where you want to be linked to) and download the appropriate files to your computer;.683.683 You need to place the file in the correct location so that OpenVpn can load the profile. .684.684 You can add multiple OpenVpn files to each server – and then use the application to access each.

Method # 3: Manually Configure A Vpn on Windows

If the Vpn service you have selected doesn’t have a Windows client and also doesn’t function with OpenVpn then you might need to consider a different service. If you can’t configure any Vpns manually on Windows itself. Here is how to mount a Vpn on Windows using the manual configuration profile for the program. You need to build a Vpn profile for this to happen. Some Vpn providers have the profiles in the Windows Store so check for simple automated setup there first. Otherwise you need to get information about the Vpn profile from their site or request it from the customer support. Here is our Guide step-by-step. First sign up using the official website of your Vpn; click on ‘ Set Up on More Devices;.’ .. 674.674.674.674.674 Click on the left side of the screen ‘ Manual Setup. ‘ Click ‘ Pptp L2Tp-Ipsec ‘ on the right-hand side;.685.685 Under the fields displaying your username and passwords you will see a complete list of server addresses. So make sure you pick one – and hold the page open; open the Start Menu and type ‘ Vpn ‘ on your Windows 10 screen. Push Enter;.686.686 Press the ‘d link ‘ button. There should be a new dialog box; .687.687Final Thoughts

All you need to learn about how to mount a Vpn on Windows is open to people. Now you should connect to your chosen Vpn service according to one of these three methods. If this is your first time using a Vpn we recommend reading about Vpn protocols as well as speeding up slow Vpns (if this sort of problem is encountered). If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to post a comment below. Let’s hold on in touch!