The Top 19 Short A-Line

With multiple layers, this short a-line bob is formed. Straight hair like this works to keep a very neat look for an a-line bob.

With layers

This a-line bob is filled with stacked layers allowing all the fluffing and puffing in the region of the nape. Layers around the head create some sort of rounded shape, but tapered edges maintain a nice flow to the middle.

Thin hair

Thin hair thanks to the layers of the A-line bob for supplying structure and weight. Now it can be your friend’s thin skin! This look is a timeless classic edgy that is just a few words to describe a bob or lob on an A-line. I tend to stay darker at the nape with the shorter A-lines and lighter throughout the edges. The sun never hits bottom, of course, and I’m trying to imitate what the sun would do naturally. I’d think of myself as a naturalist living in a kind of gal light. A nice piece of cash or anything in between is the way to go when you have over 50 percent gray camouflage with highlights balayage foliage. How light the amount of treatment time and budget they are willing to invest in their hair depends on the end goal of my client. I’m going to say that I’m moving towards women with finer hair carrying this look, the more volume the shorter the skin. The nape is the shortest to support the longer hair which produces a thicker full hair illusion. Now it’s also a bomb cut for my thicker-haired girls! It is essential to debulking and texture! All my work on refining is done clean. If you’re a mine client to pull down recut tilt your head, I can tell you to stop chewing that gum in order to get my perfect A-line photo. Talk to your stylist if you’re trying this extremely versatile fun timeless edgy style! True beauty is coming from within!

Short A-Line Bob with Bangs

It’s a very simple and clean look you’d like to use on classic-style ladies. Combined with natural colors, I suggest that you keep it perfect for a better color personality and more excentric combinations. To girls with thick skin or curly hair, I don’t suggest it. The look needs a hair that’s not too big and flat.If a client is looking amazing at this look. The great news is there’s a bob for everyone out there! You don’t have to be strongly maintained and should work with your texture and not against it if it’s done well. The whole thing is about the form! It is up to you and your stylist to determine the degree to which your hair type (think density and thickness) will best suit your graduation. Undercutting can also be your best friend here, as it can take out of the equation squirrelly hairlines. It is also important to consider the shape of the head. You may not have the longest neck or jawline, and that’s okay. You will find the bob that’s perfect for you by changing the length in the front, inserting fringe or face framing etc. You always want to combine humidity with keep for styling. I start with a moisturizing cleanser and conditioner like the Milbon moisture line because her hair is naturally rough and tends to be a bit dry. Then on wet hair polishing milk or moisturizing blow-dry cream such as Shu Uemura Satin Design to add moisture and heat protection to the hair’s soft satin finish.

Edgy Bob

I kept her nape region disconnected because she didn’t want to look too tired and matronly. I was actually inspired by the roaring ‘ 20s trends as she reminded me of a flapper girl due to her style and so on. What I love about this particular cut is how polished it looks but still has a youthful edgy look and I love the precise lines and overall cut form. I love cutting haircuts shorter and more precise. I think this cut is particularly good for someone with thicker and more straight textured skin. This look could also be pulled off by someone with fine straight hair, but they would need some products to help add some texture to fine hair, even if this look is pretty smooth. The type of products I would suggest is dependent on the texture and thickness of the hair for someone to use for this look. A solution of some sort of smoothing balm or shine spray is all someone would need to fly-aways to hold it all smooth and shiny and some type of heat-protective spray / leave-in if someone were to use a blowdrying and/or straightening iron. For someone who doesn’t want to do much makeup for a put-together look or someone who wants to wash and go with the right hair texture, this is a perfect hairstyle.


I considered her hair density and wave as well as her lifestyle when cutting this client. She has an intense amount of hair and having an undercut can make getting ready easier and cooler just as hot as it is in Vegas. To add some flexibility to the cut and softness around the eyes, we decided to go with a longer fringe segment. This appearance is a relatively low style of maintenance. At the same time, it’s moderate yet edgy. That’s what I’ve enjoyed the cut. If you need to be able to show off the adult character. If you want to rock it out a little wild and show it off! In warmer weather, having an undercut can be cooler and give you less headaches of styling, especially if you have a thick hair scalp. Styling this cut may be as easy as washing-and-go (varies with the type of hair) or smoothing with a hot iron. You might even throw it up a bit in a few curls or waves.This is a highlighted inverted stacked bob cut. This customer has my favorite hair because it’s thick and the texture is fantastic. She has a natural body so it’s so easy to do makeup. You must have enough hair to achieve this look first and foremost. It also needs to be styled so that every day the client needs time to style. Eventually, every 8-10 weeks, the customer would have to preserve the look with a haircut.

This look is great because it is completely textured at the ends making it perfect for unstyled washing and loosely brushed or even sloppy wearing with your favorite paste. This look is great for anyone as it extends the front of the face while offering the crown area height choices. The color in the nape area was lightened to a light blonde, leaving it natural. I love it because it blends into a white blonde. Once my client comes in again, it gives me a brand new palette to work with. You can use a really nice dry paste to style this look and show the great texture. My preference is the power paste for Aveda. While still soft and mobile, it offers the perfect amount of piecey-ness. As described before, whether you throw some beach waves or wear it naturally, this look is great for anyone with any face shape who loves short hair and still wants the choice to sometimes be edgy!


A with Master Colorist Modern elegant and bold is flawless. Make sure that your stylist is familiar with your hairline. Holes or holes and an unwanted choppy appearance can be left over layering without a proper plan. Using a smoothing serum or lotion, flat wrapping the hair will enhance the line’s sleek look and overall shape. Bobs come in all shapes and sizes, but an offset bob is a power haircut that requires a certain level of trust! Form of hair colors All formal patterns