the side part

Really close to the scalp do it big with a shave. With this very contrasting combination, the side part and the skin fade mutually accentuate.


Creates a nice gradation from the flashy combed pomp to the shaved sides of the mid-fade.

A Low Fade

Bring the rasp a little closer to the ears and nape to get this low fade comb over. Then comb over the remaining hair to build the beautiful side part.

Messy Side Section

The Ivy League

Ready to play and work! Medium-length hair with mid-fade

If you’re growing hair, try asking for this mid-fade style. Length is kept at bay, but all the shaggy bits behind it are removed to keep everything polished.

Hard side part

Never fail to impress a side part like this. To complete the look, go for the more daring one that involves a mid-taper and a comb over.


This is a null fading side haircut with razor-cut parting. I like it adds a lot of structure and male angularity to the face and almost suits the shape of the head. With little effort to style, it stays polished and clean. This is a look that is quite inclusive due to the closely faded and razored element that suits all but the most conservative professionals. With an edge, it’s classic. The cut-in parting is suitable for low maintenance styling, but frequent barber visits will be required to maintain it. To order to ensure a smooth square shape, your barber leaves some weight below the parting when ordering this haircut.

Taper Fade

This cut is for a man who needs to be clean and professional at work but still wants to have some fun with his hair when it comes to leaving the office. My favorite thing about this cut is that the length on top can be sliced back for a more textured and messy look, if necessary styled with some width for a more modern look or even left in the eyes. When it comes to their haircuts, I would ask my client how much upkeep they’re all right with. It will take maintenance every 4 weeks to keep the sides and back as short as this style shows to keep them looking clean!This is a graduated razor component that is not too rasped on the sides of the body. I used a matte-effect ointment and a fixative spray as well. This cut is for those who are looking for a more modern touch. Copyright policy © 2019 Beauty Style All Trends Formal