The Rise of Skywalkers

Viola Davis to Play Real-Life Superhero Harriet Tubman3. Lorde

7/7.352 7/7.352 Lorde Don Arnold / Getty Images Royals “has turned the young New Zealand artist into a mega sensation but the singer seems to have begun to reconsider the track since then. I’m listening to people covering the song and putting their own twist on it “and I’m listening to it in every single form except the original one I put out,” and I know it sounds horrible really, “she said in Fuse. This sounds like a 2006 Nokia Ringtone. The melodies are neither cool nor pleasant. It’s a tragedy. Awful but for the same reason, it just turned out in the way I posted it. “4. Led Zeppelin

7/7.353 7/7.353 Led Zeppelin singing Matt Roberts / Getty Images Stairway to Heaven “may be a favorite song for many but not for the singer Robert Plant. I d break out in hives if I had to sing that song in any show, “he told the New York Times in 1988, adding that I wrote those lyrics and considered the song to be of some value and meaning in 1971, but I don’t know 17 years later. It’s just not for me. “He agreed to play the single later at the O2 Arena band’s one-off show. 5. Beastie Boys

7/7.354 7/7.354 The Beastie Boys in front of the MTV crowd Joe Corrigan / Getty Images Battle For Your Right (To Party) “may have helped to get the Beastie Boys in front of the MTV audience but the group has been opposing the track for years. The single was originally meant as a sarcastic take on the party scene and was turned into a famous if unintended party anthem by people who didn’t get the joke. The only thing that upsets me is that we might have reinforced other people’s values in our audience when our own values were actually totally different, “once said Michael Diamond of the album. Tons of guys were singing along to [ ‘ Fight for Your Right ‘ ] who were unaware of the fact that it was a complete goof on them. Irony is often ignored. “6. Nirvana

7/7.355 7/7.355 Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain Frank Micelotta / Hulton Archive / Getty Images Smells Like Teen Spirit “could be considered one of the most popular group anthems, but after a certain point Kurt Cobain didn’t think too much of the album. Playing [ Smells Like Teen Spirit ] “he told Rolling Stone in 1993 is almost an embarrassment. Everybody has based so much on that album. The explanation that it gets a big reaction is that viewers saw it a million times on MTV. It’s been drilled into their heads — I can hardly get through Teen Spirit particularly on a bad night. I want to literally throw down my guitar and walk away.”7. Tina Turner

7/7.356 7/7.356 Tina Turner Miguel Villagran / Getty Images According to the music legend Turner, when she first heard the demo tape, she actually hated the track What s Love Got to Do with It. But she was persuaded by producer Roger Davies to cut her own version and it went on to become a huge hit. The album overtook the U.S. Billboard peaked in a row for three weeks, and acted as one of her solo career’s signature hits. 9. Miley Cyrus

7/7.358 7/7.358 Miley Cyrus during a performance Jason Merritt / Getty Images Cyrus soon became sick of hearing her bubblegum pop hit Party in the U.S.A. ‘ In 2011 it was reported that the singer specifically asked the DJ to play any of her tracks at a private party — as long as the list did not include the Jessie J-written tracknever that I don’t do it. It would be like my father telling me he hated Áchy Breaky I never would take it back. But that’s not who I am that’s not where I want to perform that’s not what I want to do and that’s not what I want to look like. “10. Oasis

7/7.359 7/7.359 Liam Gallagher of Oasis Joerg Koch / AFP / Getty Images Oasis had a massive hit from their second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Yet although it’s still a favorite jukebox, the group has different song feelings. When interviewed about Dig Out Your Soul singer Liam Gallagher’s album, he replied At least there is no Wonderwall there. I can t f*cking this f*king album. I want to vomit every time I have to recite it. Issue is we had a major theme. You’re going to America and they’re going back like: are you Mr Wonderwall? You want to chin someone. “Despite that at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games he performed the song with the band Beady Eye. 11. 11. James Blunt

7/7.360 7/7.360 James Blunt Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images “You’re Beautiful” was the third single from Blunt’s debut album and continues to be his biggest hit reaching No. 1 in the U.S. and selling over 3 million stateside copies. Since then, however, the singer has come to hate the album saying it was wildly overplayed. As he had said Hello once! Magazine “[ it ] has been force-fed down the throats of people and it has become irritating. 12. 12. Frank Sinatra

7/7.361 7/7.361 Frank Sinatra Keystone / Getty Images While “Strangers in the Night” helped Sinatra return to the No. 1 spot on the pop-album charts in the mid-1960s it turns out that Ol’ Blue Eyes himself was not a fan of the song. Case by case? Sinatra’s widow Barbara once remembered that Sinatra called the single a piece of s ubiquitous song I’ve ever heard and the worst f ubiquitous hit.