The right way to use a straightener or curler on your hair

Do you want your hair to be bouncy and curly or glossy and straight? Well who doesn’t? You want to style your hair but not at the cost of hair damage. So here are few techniques you should use while using a hair straightener or curler. And keep in mind that even the best hair straightener brushes out there can damage your hair if they are not used properly.

Right way to straighten your hair

  1. Prepare your hair before you straighten it :

You get the best results of straightening when your hair is clean. The first step would be to thoroughly wash your hair. Use a mild shampoo so that you won’t be stripping your hair of natural oils.

Hydrate your hair with a good conditioner. Use a straightening conditioner. I am suggesting a straightening conditioner because it typically contains coconut oil and argan oil that help smoothen your hair. If you have dry hair then use a deep conditioning mask before you can wash your hair.

  1. Dry your hair :

Use a towel to dry your hair until it is damp. Okay, let me explain why it is important to dry your hair. If you partially dry your hair before you blow dry it means you need to expose your hair to heat for a lesser time. Remember to use a turkish towel to dry your hair. Idea is to absorb the water from your hair without roughening cuticles while drying your hair.

  1. Use a heat protectant :

To protect your hair from damage, use a heat protectant. Heat can be very damaging, so protect your locks before you blow dry them. You can use heat protectant sprays, lotion or creams. Although heat protectant creams work the best.

A small amount of heat protectant can go a long way. Use just enough to lightly coat your hair. Cover the entire length of your hair. Do not use the heat protectant on your scalp. Argan oil can work just as well as a heat protectant.

  1. Blow dry your hair :

Use a round brush to dry your locks. You should never try to straighten wet hair. Your hair is the weakest when it is wet, blow dry it before you straighten your hair. This will avoid all the possible hair damage. Use your brush to work your way into the hair and pull it ass straight as possible. This will avoid you using your straightening to do most of the work.

Avoid hair breakage and damage as much as possible. Apply heat to your hair only when it is dry or damp. This in turn avoids loss of moisture from your hair. If you are too concerned about heating your hair then you also air dry it. Also, remember to use a brush with natural bristles, the synthetic bristles could make your hair frizzy.


  1. Ge the right straightener :

Flat irons come with plates in a variety of sizes. Thicker hair will need larger plates.

Make sure the plates are one or two inches wide. If you have short hair then choose a straightener with plates one inch wide.

  1. Vary the heat settings :

Choose a straightener with variable heat settings. Most straighteners come with only low, medium and high heat settings. It’s best to choose a straightener that allows you to choose a precise temperature. You can start at 350 degrees and can slowly increase the temperature by ten degrees.

  1. Divide your hair into sections :

When you straighten your hair, it is best to work with small sections. You should divide your hair into sections especially if you have thick hair. Use a clip to clip the top section of your hair.

Divide your hair and let each section be one or two inches wide. Do not run your straightener over already straightened hair. Thicker your hair, more sections of hair you will have. Unclep the top half once you are done with the lower section.


  1. Move the iron in fluid motion :


Make sure you start straightening your hair half an inch away from the roots and glide the straightener down each section of your hair. Don’t keep the heated iron over any spot of your hair for long. There are chances of you burning your hair. You might have to run the straightener multiple times over some sections of your hair. That is alright but don’t keep it steady at any spot of your hair.

Right way to use a curler

Using a curler is no different from using a straightener. The steps to nurture your hair before using a curling iron on your hair is exactly the same as using a straightener. The steps to use a curler includes washing and preparing your hair, conditioning your hair, applying a hair protectant, towel drying your hair, blow drying hair and dividing hair into sections.

After you section your hair, the next process is to curl it. Of course many people use a straightener to curl their hair but i would recommend y’all to use a curler. Hold the iron in place. Wrap a section of your hair around the curler for a few seconds. When your hair heats up it will form curls.

How long your hair takes to curl up depends on the temperature of the curling iron. Make sure to start out with a lower temperature and lower curling time to prevent your hair from burning. As you develop confidence in the process you can play around the time that creates perfect curls.

Pin your hair if it is still flat after curling it. Once your hair is completely cool you can take all the pins off. To achieve uniform curls you need to wrap your hair in the same direction around the curling iron.

To make your curls look more natural loosen them up. Brush your hair gently with your fingers to loosen your curls. After you are done use a setting spray. Keep the can twelves inches away to spray the setting spray. The spray will also avoid frizz.

Whether you straighten your hair or curl it, it is most important to do it the right way. Style your hair but care and protect it.