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YouTube Sharing and Messaging Finally Available to Web UsersFigure 1 Picture Courtesy of Variety YouTube Sharing and Messaging has been in development for several months but was only released for mobile users. The feature allows users to share videos and update their YouTube contacts that were only accessible to iOs and YouTube users on Android. The feature is not yet live for all as it is rolling out regionally. Some months before its release for Android and iOs in August 2017, youTube Sharing and Messaging was in progress. But users on their web browsers who view YouTube content have been left out. The app allowed users to easily share contact videos, and included a messaging service within the video streaming platform. Users who are mostly or solely viewing YouTube on desktops will now find it easier to share videos with their YouTube or Google contacts. .443 Figure 2 YouTube Photo Courtesy YouTube also underwent an update to suit the Android Ui sharing screen. The social interface has been revamped and allows users to use the Share button below video titles to pick contacts to sharing videos with. The update is yet to go live for all and is slowly being rolled out to all users. If you haven’t downloaded the update to your Google account’s mobile version of YouTube yet check back later because Google’s feature rollouts take up to two days to show up for all users. The Ui and feature updates form part of Google’s plans to integrate YouTube Red and Google Music to allow users to access all of Google’s entertainment content under YouTube Premium. Further networking features are planned to be introduced to the app in a few months ‘ time with paid memberships coming to the platform early.