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Best Dinosaur MoviesMore Articles 27 October 2019 Acrimonious separations Apparently broke in Ecuador with a new man Aladin Jallali is secretly homosexual but also that he was only concerned with money and visas. Now Aladin Jallali says he was catfished by Laura during their relationship launch. What we know here.

See this post last night on Instagram! Yahoooo tune into TLC for the final say it all and tomorrow listen to the live podcast ‘ give me your torch ‘ on iTunes And iheartradio to hear a great interview answering all your questions! Thanks so much for loving you! God bless A post shared by Laura Jallali (@tlc laura jallali) on October 21, 2019 at 1:39pm PDT 90 Day Fiancé actress Laura Jallali could be finished with Aladin Jallali but she did not spread rumors. Instagrammer John Yates had previously posted a screenshot of Jallali’s recent conversation in which she made claims that Aladin is homosexual. I said in another conversation He told me men have sex in the shower in his job. And guess who always had an on – the-job shower even though our home was 20 ft away. The 90 Day Fiancé actress has also made claims that for money and a visa chance, Aladin Jallali was only with her. During an Instagram video before her tell-all Jallali said it was nice to let me be honest because of this series I lost my family. Everything I missed in a husband I gained in so many wonderful wonderful mates, though, and I was able to work with a really fantastic cast. With Jallali’s argument that the show is what ended her marriage, one fan took umbrage. They commented that I thought your marriage was over because your money had stopped. Jallali replied Hun when the $ran out because of the show, my husband did that! I told him that I can’t take him to Canada anymore so he was out! He now has many women willing to sponsor him so much luck and god bless [ sic ]. Laura Jallali is having a new guy watching this post on Instagram She’s trying to steal a kiss! Sweetest ever child. A post shared by Laura Jallali (@tlc laura jallali) on 21 Aug 2019 at 12:16pm PDT Now Aladin Jallali is coming forward to say that he was catfished by his ex-wife of 90 Day Fiancé. Jallali posted an Instagram video in which he writes that I’ve been catfished. Plain and fast. When Laura and I met online she shared photos portraying her as being much younger than she is. Her photographs were strongly edited as I discovered later. Even during taping she admitted this but nobody paid any attention to it. She told me she was 40 years old and I thought her Jallali continued. He went on to say he only learned her true age when the registrar took their papers for review.