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6 Best Free Video Editing Applications Can Use Without A Video Editing SoftwareByDeanna Dwyer-June 11, 2018.1086 You do not always need to be a professional video editor to use a video editor. And the video editing program isn’t always an expensive affair. There are plenty of free software for video editing that matches the needs of both beginner editors and seasoned filmmakers. Most free video editors also give you the option to export in web-ready formats. Furthermore, if you really need advanced features such as animation and color grading, there are enough tools to help you do that too. But not all free video editors have the same feel and actions. We have included a list of no-nonsense video editing alternatives in this article which really and well mean business. Scroll down here for our list of the best free video editors.

Choice # 1: Lightworks

Summary Supported Platforms Os X Linux Windows Pros Improved Vfx effects; Real-time project sharing collaboration The Lightworks interface is strong. This means that tonight you may not be able to master them. But, given that there is so much that the software allows you to do, we can not hold that against it. Lightworks is a professional and free video editing app which can be used by anyone. And we fully agree with that. It runs smoothly on mid-level hardware while the Lightworks software is heavy. Even then advanced video editing and video capture is a star. The gui is also adjustable to allow you to customize it to position all controls exactly where you need them. Here’s a fun-fact: On Lightworks, some pieces of Pulp Fiction were edited.

Choice # 2: Hitfilm Express

Description Supported Platforms Os X Linux Windows Pros Allows Add-on Expansion; Advanced Video Editing Software Needs Best Performance Crunch Hardware Output File Formats Dvcam Mov Mpeg-4 Avi Mfx Visit HitfilmExpress You can add a dash of additional tools t However to get started with these apps you need to pay about $10. The quality isn’t much of a deal compared with some other expensive video editors. On the downside you’ll need to be ready to host all the editor’s power worth specialized hardware. It is much more demanding than the Lightworks app. Sure, this means that if you have modest machine specs you may need to update it early to be able to use the full-fledged Hitfilm Express applications.

Choice # 3: DaVinci Resolve

Summary Supported Farlight Studio feature-packed Mac Linux Windows Pros platforms; support 1000 audio tracksWithin DaVinci Resolve, unlike most other free video editing tools, you can find ample filters and effects too. Additionally the app also has context-sensitive trimming. We must agree that color correction is among DaVinci Resolve’s standout apps. And you can render complete or sections of videos. DaVinci Resolve also supports Hdr and helps you to operate on Raw files that have been freshly imported from camera. While some of the software’s features are exclusive to the DaVinci Resolve Studio, there is a limited resolution of 3840 x 2160 that some pro editors may feel restricted.

Choice # 4: Vegas Pro

Summary Supported Windows Platforms 7 or later Pros Task Automation; 3D manipulation; multiple instance support Beginners take some time to adapt to the interface; Windows only Input File Formats Avi Mov Mpeg-2 Mpeg-4 Wmv Visit VegasPro The great thing about it. The suite has an impeccable record of churning out excellent editing work even on modestly specificated devices. Vegas Pro’s high-quality video editing allows you to create beautiful graphics in motion. Support for 3D video manipulation is also built-in. By most accounts Vegas Pro’s 3D capabilities are as flexible as they are in Premiere Pro. Furthermore, Vegas Pro deals with scripting technology making room for smooth process automation. On Vegas Pro, you’ll find support for both Hd and ProRes Codec files.

Choice # 5: Shortcut

Description Supported Linux Windows Pros Custom Platforms and Advanced Filters; Friendly ShortCut gui started operating as a Linux program. Later its developers worked hard to make the program compliant with Windows. The slightly unusual look could have had a bearing on that. You load a video for example and choose the editing mode with which you wish to go. And you’ll also get an option to select the resources you’re working with. When using apps like Shortcut you need to keep the “learner mode” on for quite some time. That is because the program needs some patient to know from you before the products are shipped. And from that point there is no shying away. That said, the software’s real rewards are reserved for those who want to know it.

Option # 6: Kdenlive

Review Supported Linux Windows Os X Pros Open Source Editor; Proxy Editing Support No Group Collaboration Feature Output File Formats Quicktime Avi Mpeg Flash Video Visit Kdenlive The Kdenlive app is intended for beginners as well as for professional video users. And the result is nothing short of some of the application’s paying competitors. The three-point editing feature allows you to easily place new clips on the timeline. Also the latest version of Kdenlive allows rendering of results. Kdenlive’s feedback is pretty much like what we see on DaVinci Resolve-quick and sensitive. So essentially, with Kdenlive, you get a feature-filled video editor at zero cost. And you are also getting support for a range of audio and video formats.

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