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The instability of the Duggar family Is no longer a secretWhat is known is that Salinger’s approach to writing has made his work unusual, which means that it is an occurrence whenever a new manuscript is published. The overall published collection of Salinger comprises of one novel and 13 short stories all put on paper before 1959. Unauthorized copies of Salinger’s published magazine novels have been circulated for years by fans such as samizdat The New York Times reports but his unfinished work remains unparalleled. The release of those latest previously unpublished stories would possibly have upset the author who died at the age of 91 in 2010. He has worked throughout his life to avoid the publication in print of manuscripts he did not want. The degree to which Salinger ferociously guarded these stories is why they call his unfinished works lost. The writings have also been zealously safeguarded since his death — to this day. The new stories tend to be taken from original Salinger manuscripts housed under lock and key at New Jersey’s Princeton University Library and the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center as revealed by the Times on Thursday. In 1999, The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls Birthday Boy and Paula were privately published in London, without Salinger’s permission. The title page reads “The three stories in this book remain unfinished and locked for release by JD Salinger.” The collection’s name is “Three Sisters.” In September, a copy of the 25-book edition was sold to eBay for about $110 at the time for 67 pounds. The articles were then posted on an invitation-only file-sharing website revealed on Wednesday by the news-sharing website Reddit, and they could be found on the Internet at large by the end of the day. Salinger ordered one of the stories-an early version of The Catcher in the Rye-not to be written until decades after his death. Salinger would seem unlikely to have been writing. Testimonies like Margaret’s daughter prove that he was just like the author’s own words. The reclusive author J.D. Goaded by publishing unauthorized editions of his early, previously uncollected works. Last week Salinger broke a public silence of over 20 years issuing a denunciation and announcing that he is hard at work on works that may never be published in his lifetime, The New York Times s Lacy Fosburgh wrote in 1974. It is said by Salinger historians that the author was traumatized by the massive success of The Catcher in the Rye, a novel the Times characterized as speaking for himself as an adolescent. “The book was never out of print. Of the newly released novels, most attention is drawn to The Ocean Full among Bowling Balls which was housed at Princeton. The story is an early version of The Catcher in the Rye written for Harper’s Bazaar but removed prior to release. Its narrator is Holden Caulfield’s older brother whose voice chronicles the popular novel Salinger. The story was told by PJ Vogt a Salinger fan and radio producer according to stand-in for J.D. Salinger and his youngest brother, who turns into his dead sister in the novel. “The tale begins: his shoes have turned up. My mother used to tell my father that Kenneth’s shoes were too large for him or ask someone if his feet were deformed. But I think his shoes turned up because he’d always stopped rolling his seventy-five or eighty pounds forward on the lawn to look at things turning his fingers over. @MFoley WSCS 12 Best Monday Black Deals Friday / Internet.