The Importance of Being Ernesto 1952 – Movie The Importance of Being Ernesto 1952

Anthony Asquith directs in 1952 this film of British origin that is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Oscar Wilde.

In this hilarious sitcom he tells how a young man named Jack, who likes to live life without ties and without anyone controlling him, has wielded a trick, consisting of saying that he must take care of his brother Ernesto so that nothing happens to him.

The truth is that Ernesto does not exist and this argument helps him to escape and go to the field for a while without anyone to observe him.

But everything gets complicated for Jack, when a friend of his is tying up the dots of his comings and goings, until he discovers that there is no such brother, but that he is himself. But to top it all off, Jack’s girlfriend confesses that she is greatly attracted to her brother’s name.