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Kendall Jenner Fans Are Sure She Got a Nose JobMatthew Trzcinski More Articles Mazzy Star is, if not one of the best rock ballads ever, one of the most beloved one-hit-wonder bands of the 1990s rock ballad. Another listens to the chorus of the song and you never forget that. Sadly the co-founder of Mazzy Star David Roback died at the age of 61 on Feb. 24, 2020. What many people don’t know is that outside of Fade into You he had a huge career. Here is a glimpse at his long-lasting legacy and career. Figure 1 Mazzy Star David Roback Lloyd Bishop / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images through the Yahoo! Entertainment career of David Roback in the 1980s became part of a Los Angeles music scene influenced by bands from the 1960s. He became the lead singer of a band named Rain Parade during that period. In 1988 Rain Parade disbanded. It did not end the career of Roback. He founded Mazzy Star the band the following year through which he will find his greatest success. Mazzy Star had a success with their second album So Tonight That I Might See released in 1993. Roback had finally found popularity after years of making music. Fade into You on Billboard Hot 100 hit number forty-four. A Mazzy Star album would never hit the Billboard Chart again. At least the band might take pride in the enduring popularity of the album. For shows like Psych and Ray Donovan, Yahoo! Tv says Fade through You were used. It also appears frequently on compilation albums of the 1990s. Figure 2 “Fade into You” by Mazzy Star Mazzy Star had less to do with their music and more to do with their lack of production after releasing Fade into You. Until disbanding in 1997, the band released just one more album. However Fade in You refused to fade from the consciousness of the public. By reforming to release another album in 2013, Mazzy Star capitalized on the song’s popularity. Mazzy Star’s artistry and long-lasting reputation

While Roback wasn’t a big hitmaker of a Max Martin or Phil Spector, thanks to his work with Mazzy Star, he had a strong following. This was because he’d written songs that were very atmospheric. He wanted to see to it that his songs were not overdetermined in his terms. Figure 3 Lana Del Rey Andreas Rentz / Getty Images for MTV According to Fox News Roback, media overdetermines so much about music, and what people write about it and think about it. You have to leave something to the imagination of people so that they know they can take part … They don’t want to be part of that over-determination. We hope you should be in a position to close your eyes and listen to it. Here is the Best Cover Songs from Lana Del Rey