The best love phrases for my girlfriend

The best love phrases for my girlfriend

A relationship is made of many different things: feelings, memories, union, complicity, fidelity, and so on. But mainly there is one that stands out above all the others: love. However, it is not always easy to keep that flame burning and that is when a little push is needed to be able to stoke that fire and make it last longer.

On the other hand, we do not always have the ability to find the right words to be able to express all those things we feel, we cannot always verbally express those feelings we have, in the face of love, creativity always falls short. That is why from a HOW WE want to help you and give you the best love phrases for my girlfriend.

The best love phrases for Instagram

One of the ways that many people choose today to proclaim their love is through social networks and Instagram in particular. In these cases, it is not always easy to find the right words to express all the love you feel, so below we will give you some of the best love phrases for Instagram:

  • I would like to have 10 lives so that I can love you 10 times.
  • A kiss from you would be the easiest saying to remember.
  • I found the best coat in your arms.
  • I have made your smile a refuge.
  • Know that my smile has you as a reason.
  • Among so many mistakes you are my best success.
  • You are the best that I find inside my disorder.
  • you make love bloom in every detail.
  • People combine, but you complete me.

The best love phrases to dedicate to a woman

The reality is that of all the short phrases you can say to your girlfriend, there is none that can surpass the simplicity, depth and honesty of an “I love you.” But you cannot maintain a relationship with just “I love you”, you need to change the repertoire so that each phrase continues to excite as the first day. Here are some of the best love phrases to dedicate to a woman:

  • Your love is mine.
  • Being with you my world is better.
  • You, me and a corner just ours.
  • May the universe conspire in our favor.
  • You are the best part of this confusing life.
  • Nothing else, no one else if it’s not you.
  • We are a perfect couple.
  • Something tells me that our souls combine.
  • My happiness is priceless, it has your name.
The best love phrases for my girlfriend - The best love phrases to dedicate to a woman

The best love phrases for my girlfriend

Someone is in love, but being in love is not enough, it is also necessary that everyone and, especially, the other person, be aware of your feelings. Declare your love through phrases is a very beautiful way to express your feelings, something that makes you feel good and especially the other person. These are the best love phrases for my girlfriend:

  • Life doesn’t have to be perfect to have extraordinary love.
  • Would it be very selfish to ask you just for me?
  • The dream is mine, but the only person to make it come true is you.
  • You are full of flaws but those flaws are what make you perfect.
  • Is it normal to love you so much all the time?
  • If God has made something more perfect than you, he has not yet sent it to earth.
  • I do not know if there is perfect happiness, but by your side I am perfectly happy.
  • Do you know when you want a moment to last forever? This is how I feel about you.
  • The world has 5 oceans, 57 seas, 5 continents, 510 million km² of land and yet I still managed to find someone as special as you.

The best love phrases for my wife

Showing love, especially in deed, but also in words, is one of the things that a good husband must do. If you want to find the best love phrases for your wife so that she knows everything that you love her, discover them below:

  • Do you know what the reason for my smile is? It is the first word of this sentence.
  • I love you because I know that by your side I will live the best moments of my life.
  • When I say that I love you deeply, I am superficially describing how I feel about you.
  • May everything in life shine like your eyes, be as wonderful as your heart and as beautiful as you.
  • By your side I learned that between dreams and reality there is a space called happiness, and that for my happiness to become reality I need to be by your side.
  • I love you, with all its letters and ways of saying it, with all languages, in all gestures. In all circumstances and reasons: I just love you.
  • Love is a word that means a lot, although it does not express everything I feel for you.
  • If the love I feel for you is a dream … I never want to wake up!
  • Life smiles when you appear.
  • The strange thing would be that I was not passionate about you.
The best love phrases for my girlfriend - The best love phrases for my wife

Phrases of love to dedicate to my girlfriend

Although written words last and can be a great option, the reality is that there is nothing more profound or shocking than say it out loud. So calm down, look her in the eye and say one of the following phrases:

  • I do not need a thousand reasons to smile, with you is enough.
  • Do you mind if I look at you a little longer? I want to remember your face for my dreams.
  • Thanks to you I have beautiful dreams to dream, thanks to you my life is full of love.
  • Stay by my side so that I do not lack love.
  • The time of a life is not enough to enjoy all the love I feel for you.
  • I hate doing dramas, but I’m dying of love for you.
  • “Yoteamo” like this, without commas, without spaces and without a period.
  • Want as I love you? Only once in life.
  • If it is to be happy, let it be with you.

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