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The 5 Worst Fighting Video Games of All Time Mark KnappGoogle+ More Articles August 25 2017 4/4.521 4/4.521 For a genre that has been around for so long it seems as if there would be a lot of fighting games at both the high and low ends of the price spectrum. But oddly, there are a lot of really bad fighting games — not quite as many as horrible shooter games are there. This means it’s a pretty tough genre to really mess up. It’s not impossible, however, as this list will highlight. Whether it’s a 3-D cage match in a 2-D arena or some futuristic motion-controlled slugout gamers playing fighters want a chance to show off their 1337?? combinations of astronomically lucky button mashing skills or a la Street Fighter III parrying crazy. If a game fails to offer certain things, there is a possibility in the future that it might find its way to this list. There are currently only seven fighters on Metacritic with a critical score small enough to even reach our Below-30 criteria for those lists. Here we look at those who are really the lowest of all time “the bottom five” and combine their critics and user ratings to create a composite score. Interestingly enough, from the late 2000’s they all re. Seems incompetent fighter game developers are merely a recent occurrence. 5.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Fight 22 (PlayStation) Metacriticscore: 40.5 Adoring fans saved this one from going down any further. It got a critical score of 25, but fans gave it a user score of 5.6. Lucky lucky. Once you’ve passed the crowded (and not in a good way) player selection menu you’ve faced the uncomfortably slow-mo-like battle that doesn’t feel like the TV series ‘ blazing fast war. Uncomfortable placement of exclusively cartoon characters on bland low-res 3-D fighting worlds is not helpful in any way. Perhaps part of the issue was the fact that the game from Japan took the better part of a decade to come to the US. It’s at least got a good range of Dragon Ball Z characters from different sagas. Considering searching for one of the Dragon Ball Z titles: Budokai series for a worth competitive DBZ warrior. 4.

Dragon Legend (PlayStation 2) Metacritic score: 38.5 What seems to be at least an OK fighting game at first, thanks to a semi-large character roster and fun enough 3-D cartoon graphics turns out to be a lot less than OK. Not enough players may even have been bothered to give it scores for consensus to be achieved so we took the user rating for the game’s Wii edition which only makes it a favor because that version had a higher critical rating. Sadly the one thing the game seemed to have been aiming for “the large roster” IGN notes wasn’t really impressive because all the characters looked the same. What should we have expected of a TV show based video game? Obviously nothing more than we might expect from a DBZ-based video game. 3.

Game Boy Advance Metacritic score: 26 Ready to whip out that Xbox One Kinect for a horrible gaming experience? Then, the game for you is Fighter Inside. Sure, shaking your own arm or kicking your own leg and watching the character replicate the motion on the screen may be enjoyable, but for you the fun will probably end there. Nearly none of the blows seem to give any kinetic energy to enemies until a combo is performed and you just stand idle when a combo happens. Slathered on top of poor and malicious controls, and equally sad AI, is a weak story. Don t expect a great deal from this game. The graphics can be accepted at least.

1. Dragon Ball: Evolution (PSP)

Recall from video games focused on TV shows, when we said not much could be expected? Perhaps less can be expected from video games based on films which in effect were based on television shows. The Dragon Ball: Evolution movie was already a heinously poor adaptation of the cartoon and perhaps this game did not depart too far from the source material in that way. This game is filled with bad music poor cutscenes and the ludicrous chance at the end of the game to beat up the protagonist s mother. This game’s fighting style may be the best of those on the list in an odd twist, but that wasn’t enough to save it from being the worst fighting game ever and among the top 40 worst games of all time in any genre. If you prefer to play a good fighter, check out our list of the top 10 games in the war. Have you been unfortunate enough to play any of these games? Hop on twitter or get on Facebook with us and let me know your experience. @WallStMarkSheet More from Entertainment Cheat Sheet:

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