The 18 Best Examples haircuts

Ivy League Taper Fade

A regular look not compromising fashion. Casual for work and relaxed for playing. In this tapered cut, you can get all the products. Shadow Fade

Use this if you start growing your hair longer but still want skin magic to fade. Short hair fits perfectly into the cover.

Clean surgery on the side of the head creates an illusion of more coordinated hair cutting.

Fade with Beard

Because of the overall visual appeal of the beard-head hair relation, such a style takes the normal cut to a higher level.

Fall Fade

This fresh take on the classic fade will make you swoon.

Razor Fade

Bald Fade

Don’t be too afraid to fade away. Every now and then showing your scalp is a new and simple way to keep your hair on top.

A style designer David Marchant Barber This is a low side hairstyle with a dipped outline to highlight the form. We took the side part very close and square to the head so that the weight sits near the head using the shape of the head of the client to calculate length and width. Leaving the corner square makes it impossible for the parting to hop or stick out. The number one barrier to this break is on top for longer. The most common reason this cut doesn’t work on guys is that they ask for it too short so if they recommend growing the top, take advice from your barber or hairdresser. Even anything worn off the head usually requires blow drying as the hair of everybody grows naturally towards the face. Usually heat is needed to put it in this shape. Even a strong wax or pomade will not work without drying the blow. That’s why if you’re willing to dry your hair into this style regularly, think about it before you get this cut.

Temp Fade

A with style creator Alexandr Bratanov Barber The side part with low fade can be seen in this photo. This is a classic hairstyle with which I like and the presence of the fade gives it freshness and a certain youthfulness that underlines your individuality. This image is considered generic and, irrespective of lifestyle, is appropriate for almost everyone. A student as well as an athlete or a businessman can be afforded. The only restriction can be the form of stripes and their growth direction. If you have very curly or sticking out hair, this image is probably not for you. Ask your barber to help make the right choice. This haircut needs coloring and you will be able to look flawless all day long with matte paste or pomade. With a

hard line

you may need to get your grooves up! Easy designs like this could fade and comb over with a single clean line could have a new look.

For the sides of your trim, skin fades are a little more maintenance. Since the hair is cut to its shortest (bald) and faded up, you will find that it grows a little quicker. If every 1-2 weeks you’re in the barbershop or salon, this could be something you can keep up with to keep it fresh! The haircut also has a hard part where a thin line is cut into the natural hair portion that gives a definite sharp look to the part. This also needs to be maintained as the part grows out. The part makes the top styling much simpler or so my customers have told me. I hope this look can be pulled off! When you reveal a little skin comfortably then why not? Many customers ask me not to go too short to keep their haircut professional, but I think you can rock a haircut this short as long as you’re a professional!

Mid-Low Fade

A with fashion designer Francesco Amoroso Barber There are so many styles of fade but the true fade is graduation for me. Image Copyright Policy © 2019 Colors Hair Style All Styles Formal The 13 Hottest Burgundy Box Braids

Box Braids with sequence

Complicated designs enhanced by intricate accessories make every long hair braided box amazing!

Braids jumbo

Box Braids with sequence

Complicated designs enhanced by intricate accessories make every long hair braided box amazing!

Braids jumbo

Burgundy Bob

A variation from the normal long braids with short bob box braids is a creative design which can be tried by everyone. Get the solid reds popping up and enjoy a sexy look every day! Triangle Box Braids

You can even see how trendy you are at the roots! The triangular shapes resemble many of these days ‘ hair styles!

It’s a brave thing to have a burgundy shadow, but putting it in braids is a bolder choice! The maintenance of this masterpiece needs ded care and consumer use.

Small braids

A little more complex than normal but worth a long wait on the chair. For added flare, the black ends also add a dip-dyed effect.

Blonde and Burgundy

Blonde braids can be your look! Accentuate for your braids with platinum strings and thread.

Dark Burgundy

People who are more discreet may choose to wear their own hair more like colors. You can choose something more vivid and glamorous for those who like something bolder. That’s why I say braids are very democratic and anyone can use them.

Crochet Box Braids

A with Gabrielle Samuel Style Creator Licensed Cosmetologist This look is a hippie crochet box braid. My favorite thing about this design is that the crochet is complete. It took only two hours for this look to be achieved. I’m also in love with different colors and textures. Life is too short to linger for six hours in braids. It’s done already, so you’re just getting up and going. Swimming in the ocean or pool is lightweight and fine. Just wash and go back to the city! Micro box braids

Smaller braiding groups offer a neater braided look. Angel Waring Certified Hair Braider with fashion maker This is a burgundy mid-back braided set. My favorite part of this look is just how black / brown is her natural hair. She has all her hair tucked in between the spinning of the burgundy and it just amazes me how many things you can do with hair. Make sure you pick a color that you can wear every day, as box braids usually last from one to two months – sometimes even longer if you know how to take care of your hair. For braids, there is not much maintenance needed except to wrap them in a scarf during your chill times. It’s also important to keep your scalp and hair moisturized. Box braids are a protective style that translates into development, so it’s only fair that while they’re in, you keep treating your hair below. With this theme, you can do just about anything. Dark Burgundy

A beauty therapist with fashion designer Tamekia BarnettSome red braids would help to accentuate more bronzed ladies ‘ skin tone. A Kameko Houston Braiding Stylist with fashion maker This look is individual braids long hip-length. The color is my favorite thing about them. Photo Copyright Policy © 2019 Colors Hair Type All Trends Formal 17 Stunning Dark Brown Hair pictures with Blonde Highlights

Silver Blonde Highlights

X-Men’s Storm better watch out ‘ that we have a new bad ass in town!

Dark Blonde Highlights

This is the color you didn’t know you needed for low maintenance hair! Bring the brown with bronde highlights from bland to lovely.

Thin Blonde


Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Beautiful and delicate loose curls as striking to the tips of any long hair as it will certainly illuminate your look.

A with style creator Kendall Wimberly Stylist It’s a natural low-maintenance scan and the best thing about it is that it’s the perfect mix of sunset and size. All year round, you should wear it without thinking about switching it for winter or summer. Sometimes having such a dark root color is not as easy to turn into color as bright as this, so patience is key! I would also recommend this kind of scanning to anyone with a very busy lifestyle! It’s so low maintenance that normally my customers with this type of color can come and see me as little as twice a year and having the right product is key to keeping a fresh look all the time! Highlights

This look is very popular and fashionable. Balayage is the actual technique to highlight in which lightener is hand-painted on the hair for a natural-looking highlighted result. Due to the many shades available for blonde hair color, there are so many color combinations for dark brown hair with blonde highlights. With this technique, you can only reach around 4-6 lift rates. In particular to get to an ice blonde like this picture I used a foiling technique with Oway Hbleach which is an ammonia-free cream lightener that is more gentle on the hair to achieve the highest degree of lift. Used to create a more natural blend after lightening a combination of melting toners. Because of its natural mix, it grows more gracefully than conventional foil which emphasizes giving the beach look a boho new. The cut is a lob with a strong texture. The layers are placed on the longer side with the weight being separated from the bottom. This makes for a smooth, effortless form that is not only gracefully growing but easy to style as well. I used OM Surf Blast, a built-in sea salt spray on her damp hair, as well as Oway Glossy Nectar, a lightweight restoration oil on her mid-end before blowing. I used a 1.25 when I was dry? Curling iron to create natural wave curling alternating directions making sure to curl away from the front face while leaving the iron ends of the hair. Obviously, if you’re a dark brunette, this color combination will take many hours and probably many appointments. The internet made a hair stylist’s work much more complicated. It is important to have an honest conversation with your stylist to find the best way to achieve realistic goals that are not only within your price range, but also something that you can and can sustain. Online watching the finished look is quick and you think it’s been an easy process to get there. Typically this is not the case! Yes, the first appointment could take 3-7 hours and be a very expensive appointment, but after you get there, the maintenance ends up being less work. With your next visit, you may just need a toner and you only need to do the entire process 1-2 times a year. With the style, it can age for several days without shampooing. It’s a bonus! Having caring for those lightened ends is necessary. When you add an extensive mask and/or protein treatment once a week, shampooing less will be key in home hair care. Before using water as well, please make sure to use a heat protectant. Highlights of red and blonde

In our area, the salon at which I work is known for our work with Direct Dyes (Galaxy Hair Unicorn Hair, etc.) that only a minimal number of people can do. And generally it’s something nice to say to our guests who want something fun without being too intense for work. She had a short blunt bob for a while about the cut and style and now she’s growing it out so I’ve textured her ends for a softer look (she’s got really thick hair) and gave her a better blowout with SexyHair products (their Love Oil and Luxe Blow Out Spray). I’d think about repairs first. Everybody knows they’re fading a little quicker with reds than most so you have to be a little more conscious of your daily routine. If you’re a person who’s washing their hair every day, I wouldn’t recommend you go that route because every time you wash your hair, the red’s vibration is getting less and less. But if you don’t and want to do it, there are two things to keep in mind at all times to keep the colors fading faster to keep them vibrant: sun and alcohol. Try not to use a lot of heat (cooler time to clean limited use of hot tools, but when you regularly use heat-protective items to lower the time on your warm tools). The things I most recommend are the Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell or the Warm Sexy Hair Heat Protective Spray by SexyHair. I think the faces and personalities of all hair types will rock something like this. It’s very pretty in any way the colors intertwine (curly or straight) with each other, and placing is always crucial to your final look. Of course, when selecting the reds to use, always consult with your guest on what she / he likes best (violet / reds red / reds copper / reds). Understand the color line and don’t be afraid to help piggyback colors to highlight their strong suits and add more dimension. I always grab the color swatch book as far as the customer’s point of view is concerned and take out the color swatches and place next to the face to see what the best compliments are and run with it. Like I said earlier, this particular look fitted her better when she was able to go darker from a darkened blonde and without being too drastic for work to give her something new and fun.

Dark Blonde Highlights

A Creative Senior Stylist Sindy Botha Stylist This is the perfect combo! Beautiful blonde waves and sandy waves. I just love how perfectly the color blends. I gave it a gentle blowout to create this look and used my curling tongs to create the soft waves. A gentle working hairspray finished it off. I still advise that it’s a method to go lighter. Depending on the level of hair color. Do you have any color on your hair? All of these variables play a role in producing a particular look or appearance. Use a good treatment at all times. It’s very necessary aftercare. I’m going to strongly recommend using a shampoo and conditioner based on purple and a good treatment once a week.

Subtle Blonde Dark Brown Hair Highlights

The look is subtle hand-painted, natural chocolate base color highlights. To compliment her natural base color and skin tone, the highlights are toned to a honey / caramel. How simple and low-maintenance it is is the most lovely thing about this look. Determine what you want from your hair color. This look is great for anyone who doesn’t want a drastic change, particularly those who need a low maintenance color. Using hand painting, I can tailor the perfect formula and positioning for each individual client to give them a look they’re going to love and suit their everyday beauty routine at home.

Hair is also at its most delicate when wet, which is why I like to wet 60% of the haircut and finish the rest after a major dry blast. The minor details are important, particularly with a color like this. If you’ve got a great color but the layers are too thick, it completely overshadows the white blonde you’ve been looking for. I gave Rachel some longer layers with a bit of front framing to really highlight that amazing piece of cash. The coolest thing about balayage / foilage / hair painting, I guess, is that there are no two identical facilities. For the most part, I used foils around the hairline of Rachel to maximize the lightness. But since this was her third appointment and her ends were already pretty light I used a clay-based lightener on zones two and three to lift a little more gently without hurting the cuticula. This is different from her previous appointments when I only used foils or straight screening. But because she needs to be so light and white foils provide a great lift that is quickly toned to the ultimate goal. This is different for each customer, particularly darker hairy gals. Balayage will always create a warmer tone, so understanding when to distinguish between techniques and give the consumer what they want is important, even if it doesn’t look like the hair painting videos they’ve seen all over. The first thing I tell customers when they show me a blondie picture like this is that it won’t happen overnight and it won’t be cheap. After Rachel’s third appointment, this picture was taken and she has two more appointments planned before her spring wedding. It’s a slow process and it will give you the most out of your service to trust your stylist. We want you to enjoy your hair as much as they do, and they always win the race slowly and steadily. Purple shampoo during the time you wear this color will be your best friend. Amika brings a great line called Bust Your Brass for all of my blondes. Both the shampoo and the conditioner are heavily pigmented, so you should use them only once a week to prevent a gray shade. Any non-professional product brand can also mess with any color, but this one in particular. I know you hear it all the time, but if you take care of it properly, a stylist can’t guarantee any shine. A color like this definitely works best in terms of hair type on someone with long hair below their collar bone. Even though that doesn’t mean that on a bob it can’t be beautiful, the effect would be different. This would not work on anything shorter than that, though, since the hair would be too short to create a nice blended gradient in the lighter color. A big tip is to make sure ashy colors look good in advance! Are you wearing plenty of blues and greens? Or are you red and brown? Note also the color of your hair and eyebrow. Someone with darker olive skin and dark eyes and thick eyebrows might not be best suited for such a light white hue. If you’re not sure you should trust your stylist! Note this look needs to be maintained periodically. A customer who doesn’t like to enter the salon more than once a year may be more suitable for a color with less maintenance. The tone and placement of this particular scenario often require touch-ups, although balayage itself is a very low-maintenance form of hair color. Make sure your lifestyle fits that you want to be completely satisfied with your hair and come back for more before you take the plunge as your stylist!

Honey Blonde Highlights

A with Crystal Imperato Senior Stylist style maker I would describe this look as hot and cozy with honey reflections to add depth to her darker hair. With her natural wave, the cut and style work to keep it simple and manageable. The best thing about this look is all the depth she now has without it looking chunky or un-blended. It’s a look that’s perfect for that customer who wants a change but doesn’t want to be in the salon all the time with their busy schedule as well as not having to spend too much time styling it. Cutting and length work best on thicker hair to keep it under control whether it is straight or curly to wear. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

A with fashion designer Chris Hassell Hairstylist Customizing the hue and using Sassoon cutting methods was the best thing about this look. I love that bobs are always trendy and easy to style. Diamond oval and square face shapes are complemented by the graduated bob. This hairstyle can easily add dimension for women with fine hair when styled properly. This hairstyle is modern and trendy, but more maintenance is needed. I recommend shaping and trimming the hairstyle every 6-8 weeks. The colors of pastel and style quickly fade and require regular touch-ups. Colored hair requires special attention to keep the hair healthy and strong. These include: having a clear vision of the course and objectives with your hair you want to accomplish. Beautiful blonds and shades are a process and several sessions Sulfate-free shampoo and leave-in conditioner may be needed to help keep the hair moisturized while preventing breakage and fading.
Chunky Blonde Highlights

A with maker style Arthur Barnes Co-owner This look is about being both trendy and practical. My customer is probably about 75 percent gray and not only do these chunky highlights and lowlights add depth and texture to her hair but it’s also super low maintenance as the only demarcation we’ve ever seen is on the lowlights. It’s really just about taking what’s already happening to her hair and giving it some structure so it doesn’t just look beautiful but deliberate. This is the vived-in look’s polar opposite. Nothing is casual or sun-kissed about this high contrast feel. This is a color on a project with an intent color. It’s a great look for a round to square face shapes as the verticality of the highlight position gives the illusion of lengthening the face and you can keep the pieces dark (or darker) closest to the face on the sides to minimize the effect. The chunkiness works for me and my guest in our favor but the look can easily become high maintenance for someone with less gray (think dark roots on blonde chunks). It can look very choppy on hair with short layers so it works best for people with long or no layers and chunkier highlights means more lightener which needs more aftercare to keep it healthy and clear. I prescribe Bc Bonacure Time Restore shampoo and conditioner to replace lost nutrients with a weekly dose of Bonacure Color Freeze silver shampoo to keep the blonde vibrant and brass-free followed by Schwarzkopf Professional’s Bonacure Time Restore mask.

Bronde Highlights The ultimate brunette! The tones of the earth also create a soothing look that flatters everybody.

Highlights Beige Blonde

You have to see

Make your pearly dream come true with this beautiful hair color! A fusion of silver and purple muted gives a smooth, multi-tone high-fashion atmosphere.

This rare and beautiful color melt is the dream of every child. Note how seamlessly the transformation features straight hair, resulting in an enchanting hairstyle.

Blue and Purple Colors

Be one with the ocean which looks so beautiful on medium skin! Like this example, lilac hair can be paired with other shades.

Dark Lilac Dip Dye

Shoulder Length Ashy Color

This lilac is amazing in summer! On a wavy lob, fresh toner highlights and beach waves look beautiful.

Purple Blonde Balayage

The way to go is when you feel a bit adventurous and want to spice up your natural hair. This makes your look unique and glamorous!

Silver Lilac Balayage

Take note of this stunning violet shadow! Styling your hair with waves complements the color mix and perfectly shines under the light.

Short Lilac Hair

Smokey Balayage

Smokey Balayage

For a little face-framing effect, pair with a side bang.

This super edgy look takes on a subtle lavender root and transitions into a metallic gray. Lilac hair is a perfect match for lobs and cuts of medium length!

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re talking about lilac hair color for yourself. The canvas must first be blonde. This sometimes takes several sessions to achieve a pure blonde that perfectly represents the hue. Not that they just come out more subtle and not as vivid on darker blonde tones you can’t achieve it. Two are getting ready for cold showers! Cold water helps preserve the colors of fashion. Warm or hot water can fade the tone much more quickly. Around 8-12 shampoos last the third lilac hair color. Washing the hair with a color-safe sulfate-free shampoo less often will also help to maintain the look. Dry shampoo is going to be your new beast!

A with fashion designer Cass Cappello Hairdresser This is a fun pastel violet lob I styled with soft waves that are all the latest spring / summer trends. Styling was done with the wand of the Ghd curve. Your hair needs to be a lighter shade to achieve this look. Pastels are always a fun idea because they don’t last as long as they are lighter and fade perfectly out of the skin. So if you’re going to be a bit adventurous and try different colors, pastels are the way to go because they’re not permanent. Waves are on the rise and, while always elegant, can compliment a casual or glamorous look. When I do waves, I really like using a setting spray so that the client gets the most durability. Goldwell thermashape 2 in 1 spray is my go – to material.

Lilac Pink

A with Joshua Director style We like the color contrast of this look. The lilac’s cooler tones through the roots counter the soft peachy pink ends that make it shine without disrupting the skin tones of the customer. Choosing colors means starting the spring of our southern hemisphere to take the consumer away from the darker winter tones and ready them for the lighter tones going into the summer. With the airiness of a spring breeze, the gentle waves and braid help push the fashion to the etheral producing the impression of fresh blooms and everlasting sunshine.

Kelly McCormick Hairstylist Pastel Balayage

A Trixy Reed Barber / Colorist / Stylist style designer This is a basic long textured bob with Pulp Riot Nevermore and lilac shadow. We’ve been blowing out with a simple round brush. You need to note that it takes time when you’re looking for a pastel hue! This was to get her to this color for six months in the making. You need to note that when you have vivid / fantasy colors they fade quickly so you want to heat up as little as you can. Use your colorist’s recommended products and be prepared to wash your hair in cold water! Image Copyright Policy © 2019 Colors Hair Style All Trends