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7 Things That Will Change the Way You TravelMore Articles April 15, 2016 Source: While Google typically doesn’t start talking about the next version of Android until its spring I / O developer conference revealed the next version of Android this year suddenly. Google has already launched the Android N Developer Previewtablet improvements that are at the top of our Android N wish list there are plenty of other features and changes we’d be eager to see in the next version of Google’s mobile OS. Hiroshi Lockheimer Google’s Android Chrome OS and Chromecast SVP wrote on Medium that Google decided to release the preview early to get more feedback from developers and be able to “act on that feedback while still being able to hand over the final N update to device makers this summer so that they can get their hands on Android’s latest version sooner than ever.” What are these functions, then? New multi-window functionality is one of the most exciting particularly for users who want an Android tablet that will truly live up to its potential. As VP Dave Burke writes on the Android Developers site, Android N will allow split-screen modes on both phones and tablets, and app operations can also go into picture-in-picture mode, enabling video applications to play in the corner of devices such as TVs. Multi-window support is a feature that users have been anticipating particularly as it would make tablets such as Google’s own Pixel C much more useful in terms of productivity. Source: Android N will also offer direct reply notifications allowing you to easily and conveniently respond to incoming message notifications on your phone or tablet. The operating system will also be able to combine alerts from the same device and by using a two-finger gesture or by pressing a new expansion button you will be able to expand them to different messages. There will also be some significant changes to the operating system to increase its power-efficiency. Google introduced a feature called Doze with Android Marshmallow to save battery when a device is stationary. In Android N Doze, power saving will be possible whenever the screen turns off. The operating system will also increase the efficiency of background work which will reduce the amount of memory that Android needs to run. You can upgrade your Nexus 6 Nexus 5X Nexus 6P General Mobile 4 G (Android One) Nexus Player Nexus 9 or Pixel C to the developer preview of N via an over – the-air update by visiting test updates prior to final release in the third quarter of the year through the new Android Beta Program. After reviewing the developer preview, Dieter Bohn reports for The Verge that Android N is “very fast and fluid already,” although it does have some expected bugs. The animations were accelerated, and Google paid close attention to the movement of basic elements of the OS. The multi-window multitasking feature already works well and can be disabled by holding down your finger in the main multitasking view at the top of a window and dragging it up to a highlighted location. Then the other half of the screen will give you a second multitasking view to choose another device and you can change the splitter up and down in portrait mode, or in landscape mode, left and right. Despite Android N alerts becoming much more information-dense — “almost to the point of distraction” in Bohn’s estimation. Moreover, the latest notifications allow users to complete more tasks from the notifications than ever. Although experiencing some crashes Bohn characterizes the app as “far more stable than you would expect for such an early preview” and states that apps such as Quick Settings and the main Settings screen are welcome refreshments. A new Vision Settings button for accessibility features also features in the initial setup process. Furthermore, Dan Seifert notes for The Verge that Android N developer documentation shows that the operating system is acquiring a new Data Saver mode that can block background data consumption and warn apps to use less data while running in the foreground. Whitelisting applications will be possible and they won’t be affected even when you have Data Saver mode switched on. The documentation also suggests that Android N would gain system-level number blocking and call screening functionality that should make blocking spammers and telemarketers considerably easier. You may expect to hear more about the functionality of Android N at I / O in May where Google will presumably be demonstrating some features it hasn’t yet unveiled. Check Gear Type Cheat Facebook page

Jacqueline Sahagian More Articles October 29, 2014 Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Slipknot is known for its eerie and intense live shows where members play while wearing scary masks and generally look like horror movie villains making them the perfect Halloween listening band. The appropriateness of that season plus the diehard fans made T.I beat the group to new records. Neil Logic and Stone. All Hope Is Gone, the last album from the band in 2008, also debuted at No. 1. In addition to the trademark masks, Slipknot frequently uses gory and eerie imagery in his album artwork and promotional chaos scene “and explained how the band would smash the stage setup by tossing beer barrels with baseball bats and hanging off the elevated drum set. Frontman Corey Taylor who also sings in the band Stone Sour recently sat down with Larry King to discuss the band’s past six turbulent years and show off his terrifying new mask that King called “considerably scary.” Taylor spoke about how Gray’s death from drug overdose inspired the band and said Gray would be proud of the album. I think Taylor said he’d ve loved it. I think it’s basically the story of the last four years dealing with the aftermath of his death and we’re all trying to get back to the position we wanted to do music again. The “Skeptic” and “Goodbye” songs are both said to be specifically about Gray Taylor. The band also decided to use the album to show that following a pronouncement by KISS member Gene Simmons otherwise, rock and roll music is not dead and a declining music industry where rock albums seem to sell even less than other genres. Though I want it to demonstrate that our genre is still very alive. Clearly Gene Simmons is quoted quite widely as saying that there is no rock in the roll. I think he’s got a point but at the same time you’ve got to take advantage of the new technologies so I think we’re going to show people that you can still use the technology and still have something to do with rock and roll, “Taylor told King. @Jacqui WSCS

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