Thandie Newton – Biography of Thandie Newton

The actress Thandiwe Ajdewa Newton He was born on November 6, 1972 in the city of London, England; his father is British while his mother hails from Rhodesia, now the Republic of Zimbabwe. Thandie He lived in Zambia until Ikocal political unrest forced his family to return to England, where he lived in the Cornwall region until the age of 11.

At that time, she enrolled in London’s Art Educational School to study modern dance until a back injury forced her to give up dancing. That led her to begin auditioning in different film projects, obtaining her first role in the feature film “The first experience“in 1991.

She then moved to Los Angeles (USA) following her boyfriend and seeking to cement her acting career there, but her accent greatly limited her opportunities so she returned to London to study Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, while continuing with her acting jobs.

Since then Thandie has filmed about thirty feature films, among which the titles “Interview with the vampire“(1994),”Jefferson in Paris” (nineteen ninety five), “Beloved“(1998),”Mission impossible 2“(2000),”Shade: Assassins Game“(2003),”The Chronicles of Riddick“(2004),”Crash“(2004),”Looking for happiness“(2006),”Norbit“(2007),”Run Fatboy Run“(2007),”W.“(2008), or”Good deeds“(2012), among others.

His work on television has not been as extensive as in the cinema, but his interpretation of Makemba ‘Kem’ Likasu, the love interest of Dr. John Carter (Noah wyle) in the series “Emergencies (ER)

In his personal life, Thandie she married English producer Ol Parker in July 1998; They both have two daughters named Ripley and Nico.