Tempting Short Hairstyles of Kaley Cuoco

Side Swept Bang Theory

The highlights and lowlights, as they complement her green eyes, give the style some much-needed character.

Perfect Pixie haircut

The layers contained in this pixie give an incredible amount of movement and character to the style. This is one of the shorter styles of Cuoco that emphasizes her cheek bones and stretches her neck further.

Tousled and Tapered

Kaley Cuocos hairstylist admits that she will taper her hair once she has entered the awkward length stage. In keeping the back short, there is more emphasis on the length in front of the body. While the bangs are highlighted with white, the roots of Cuoco are left their natural color in this fashion. The bangs are allled to add height and volume to the hair, which is a perfect choice for those women whose hair is naturally wavy.

Kaley Cuocos Short and Sleek Hairstyle

This sleek short style features a side swept bang perfect for a professional business woman. The subtle layering takes the style from being monotonous to being wonderful.

Sleek Bun with Shaved side

is the perfect way to rock any woman with confidence.

Kaley Cuoco

This pixie cut has a more retro look than normal. The layers that are implemented give so much movement to the style that we love absolutely. Most wonderful hairstyles of Miley Cyrus Until

Playfully Pink

is the perfect choice for a rainy day.

Kaley Cuocos Wild n Wavy

While this is not the shortest hairstyle in Cuoco, this is a perfect alternative for women who are thinking of making a cut that is not as drastic as a pixie. This allled bob face-framing bob is sexy casual and ideal for a city night out. The Mesmeric Hair Color Choices of Katy Perry

Bobs Away

Cuocos layered bob haircut perfectly frames her face in this style. One of the best things about this style is its versatility — professional and playful styling.

Short and Shaggy Haircut

but its easily rocked by Cuoco. This face-framing midi bob has been allured to give a carefree look to the hair that is both sexy and playful.