Next Once reserved for gymnastics ponytails have now taken a modern turn and can make a statement! Your curly ponytail can be taken from day to night with added braids and twists as a perfect look for girls with long hair and shoulder length. Take a look at our easy and fashionable ponies cute ideas.

Update Your Curly Ponytails

Introducing interesting details to play with textures and height your pony stops looking like a boring hairstyle that everyone wears for comfort and not for chic. Here are creative ways to tailor your ponytail to your needs.

Braided Element Ponytail

This is the perfect solution if you love fishtail but want to give your hair a little more freedom combining a stylised braid with a curly hair ponytail. For a look that creates natural beauty without hassle, the texture of the fishtail is combined with the messy waves.

Low Messy Ponytail

Invited with friends for the last minute brunch? This may be your style because it’s so easy! Sweep your hair into a low ponytail and drop bits on the sides. Tug parts at the top to make a little bump and this free style is perfect for you to go with.


Poofy Ponytail with Bump

If you want a curly ponytail for a formal occassion then adding a bump is a nice idea. A wrap around with side bangs adds just the right amount of formality to this perfect poofy look. Whether you’re attending a social gathering or wedding this simple style is just the right fit. To wrap around the top of the ponytail, four braids are twisted. The end result features the fabulous curl cascades that even for a formal occassion are perfect. This ‘ do can also be copied for an amazing look with a weaving ponytail!


Formal Side Pony for Brunettes

If you need inspiration for an occassion (such as prom or wedding) then this side ponytail fits the bill perfectly! The elegant mane is loosely pulled to the side to float with a beautiful waterfall of curls. This hairstyle is both sexy and classy.

Long Hair Bouffant Ponytail

Wondering how to develop a stylish and fashionable hairstyle? Brush down your hair to make any tangles smooth. To make a poofy bouffant, tease the roots of the crown section. Make a simple hair wrap pony. Leave your face with a few bits to frame. Ultimately curl the natural wave strands.

Huge hair cover and long curls

Is it possible to do a curly ponytail? Switch on a wavy hairdo curling stick. For extensions, the idea makes it more voluminous and extra long. With a decadent brush, let it be loose and messy.

Tall Hairstyle and Tousled Hairstyle

Classy Held Hair

This pony doesn’t need a cover or brace. It’s flat because it’s simply held into place with bobby pins. Thanks to the loose wave, you’ll find a tie here and gather all your hair in a casual> high ponytail using your fingers instead of a comb. Then you’ll love the fun idea of hair. Braids running from the temples slick down the sides to make your daily pony edgier style a small or big bouffant.

Blonde Ponytail with Beach Waves

Curly ponytail hair>gym to the catwalk.

Blonde Ponytail with Beach Waves

French Ponytail Braid

Don’t think twice about anything else. Braids are always a win, no matter what, but they make your braid a little more spicy and loosen it. You can also make an upside down pony if you have long hair.

Brunette Ideas

Are you still thinking of long hair hair? Hacks separate the tail into two sections for a full pony. Clip the top section off. Tie down the inches bottom section from the ponytail’s base and make it puffy. It is supposed to look like a bubble. Unclip to cover the top section. The appearance of an extra flabby donkey.

Night-Time Curls

Isn’t your dream coiffure? Who knew this might look sexy in your curly hair ponytail? Don’t get the curls loose too tight. For voluminous waves, try different curling drums. Also the bouffant is shaped like a wave that dissolves into incredible smaller ripples!

Dutch-Inspired Pony

Don’t model these simple waves too accurately. Go crazy and for the effortless vibe leave them messy. A ponytail looks really very new without a holder. What do you think we see this as a new trend?

Afro Style Ponytail

Black hair in curly ponies is very pretty as long as you have enough space to hang or use extensions. Do not tie too tightly those divine curls, it would be a pity to damage such beauty! A good choice is a smooth ribbon.

Added Volume Chic Ponytail

Is there soon to be a special event? Speak about the curly hair ponytail to your stylist. Highlighted layers bent and twisted at different angles will create an unexpectedly elegant look on your special day that you would love to wear.

Romantic Twisted Hairdo

Not your typical ponytail but its ancestor can be read clearly. If you like them more than allled beach waves, you can certainly go for tighter, more polished curls for your long hair. It’s not difficult to twist and pin those curls, but if you want it to be flawless, you may need help.

Layered Hair Ponytail

Many girls don’t like layered hair because they think it’s harder to pull back into a ponytail. That’s true if your hair is layered but you can enjoy this sexy look naturally, you’ll have plenty of stray strands with a low or high pony.

Curly Ponytail Side Braid

A side braid may be used to decorate a curled pony or naturally curly ponytail. It adds to your look a fun asymmetric twist that you can combine in your outfit with an asymmetric necklace or other feature. Low curly ponytails for any event are great!

Sleek Ponytail with Waves

The highlights of this lovely curly hair pony are the high-gloss finished braided wrap and ribbon curls. Pay special attention to the combination of textures when your hair color is strong and you will eventually impress with your look.

Highlighted Afro Curls

The natural curls are stunning free-flowing but the simplest and slenderest go-to when you need a short updo. Set and flip the pony big.

Pony Mohawk Braid

Half Mohawk Curly Pony?

Low Twisted Flip-In Ponytail

If you have wavy hair (or wonder what to do with second day hair) this look is for you. Quick tutorial hair is pulled into a loose low ponytail. Separate the hair right above the ponytail holder and pull through the ponytail to make a twist. This style is perfect for curly hair combining a low ponytail with face framing waves for a hairdo that can be worn easily and with pleasure.


Fauxhawk Ponytail

Calling all cool gals! Really this statement ponytail combined with a fake mohawk shows that not only blonds have fun. A high messy twist is paired with a pony that is wrapped around to hide the base of the tail. This difference from the standard combination of pony will definitely add an edge to your look.


Great Natural Hair Pony

Looking for an impression to leave? This is certainly the hairdo that is going to do that! In this natural hair style, long afro hair works fantastically. This half pony will keep those curls at bay if you have a weave and give a cute look for a night out in the city.

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