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How to Watch SharkFest 2019 Online: Live Stream Shows ByGabriela Vatu-July 16, 2019.025 Figure 1 via National Geographic It’s time of year again and we can’t do it online. We’re going to enjoy SharkFest for three weeks over on National Geographic. We’ll give you a helping hand if you want to watch SharkFest along with us over the Internet. It’s 2019 and this will be the seventh SharkFest supported by National Geographic Networks. After the latest developments in shark conservation and survival as well as new ways of forecasting shark attacks, the network promises that its shows will captivate audiences with “reality that is stranger than fiction” It will not only be the National Geographic Channel showcasing shark shows but also Nat Geo Wild. More precisely the SharkFest will begin on the National Geographic Channel between July 14th and 19th and will end on July 21st through August 2nd, or Nat Geo Wild. Day Time Show July 14 9 pm Sharks Attack: Terror on Fire Island 10 pm Great Shark Chow Down July 16 8 pm 9 pm Sharks Attack: Shark Bite 10 pm Whale that Ate Jaws: Eye Witness Report July 17 Sharks Attack: Trouble in SoCal 9 pm Sharks Attack: Nightmare on the CapeTime Show 21 July 8 Pm Biggest Great White in the World? Shark vs. Predator Duel 10 Pm Sharks Attack: Deep Dives: Port of Terror July 22 8 Pm 9 Pm America’s Deadliest Sharks July 23 8 Pm Sharks Attack: Deep Dives: Threat at the Top 8 Pm Sharks Attack: Deep Dives: Fright in Oahu July 25 8 Pm Sharks Attack: Deep Dives:

Yes that is possible because the National Geographic website has a live stream accessible to people. But, in order to do this, you will need to use the TV provider weather credentials that are the cable company or a live streaming service. Obviously, these sites will give you access to much more content over the internet these days, we recommend you go for the latter.

A range of live TV channels have been launched for the last few years. This offers people a new way of watching Tv while having more independence. Such options are cheaper than cable services on the market and there are also no commitments involved which means you can unsubscribe from the service at any point you no longer feel it suits your needs. You can also start watching your shows wherever you are when they start airing, because you don’t have to run back home anymore. All you need is a computer enabled that can very well be a smartphone and an internet connection. Let’s see what the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild platforms offer, so you can enjoy SharkFest. FuboTv – We have the first fuboTv site on the list and offers a single pack to choose from. This one shows both National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild and for almost one hundred channels, it will cost you just $54.99 a month. If you want more there are quite a few additional details you can incorporate as well as premium networks. Sling Tv-We’re continuing with Sling Tv, a highly customizable network. There are three sets, including Orange Blue and Orange + Blue, available here. The Blue and Orange + Blue packages include both National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. Make sure you look into the packages you select, because it will also impact the number of simultaneous streams supported by the network. For example, the Blue bundle comes with three simultaneous streams and four of them, Orange + Blue. Loads of the packages grouped by theme as well as premium networks and a la carte channels can also be included. Hulu – We’ve got the next suggestion is Hulu, the brand we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of before. The single subscription package costs $44.99 a month and gives you access to thousands of networks and a full video-on-demand library as well. National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild are part of the main package but if you really want more channels you can get them from the two packs available here and from the premium network list. DirecTv Now – We have DirecTv now on our list as well and it is a network that nowadays has seven packages. Two of those packages were added earlier this year, namely Plus and Max, and both feature the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. The other five packs are Xtra Ultimate Media Choice, and Optimo Mas. Although Nat Geo Wild is present on all five packs, National Geographic Channel is only a part of two of them, namely Xtra and Ultimate. There are a variety of packs with Spanish channels and several foreign packs, if you want to customize your network. Premium networks which include Hbo and Showtime are also available. PlayStation Vue-The list also includes PlayStation Vue, which is a four-bundle interface. While the National Geographic Channel is one of all four namely Access Core Elite and Ultra Nat Geo Wild is just one of three losing out on Access. The subscription price includes access to hundreds of channels in each pack, as well as some pretty cool features like enough Cloud Dvr storage space for 500 programs and five simultaneous streams which is more than we can claim for competitors. If you want to somewhat customize your plan you can add a few channel packs and a few premium networks.

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