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The fight for Microsoft’s Excel World Championship endsToday the top dog was Canadian man Abidi. ByTechNadu Staff-April 12 2017.167 Microsoft will run four rounds of excellent tests for citizens of selected countries in the year 2016 from October to November. Only one top competitor would be selected to the next round in each round. The winner will eventually compete with each other for the Excel World Championship title and a reward in which a trip to Seattle Usa and a meeting with Excel Product Leaders will provide input on the next features added to Excel. Only 14 people are selected in the world after the completion of all rounds at their craft meeting last week in Seattle to answer one question: “Do I have what it takes to be the best? “Most of them said No but a Canadian man ready to diligently put Hockey Poutine and Molsen Ice on the back burner for a decade. Naturally, he’s not the one who achieved against this level of competition. It’s heart to Ghanzfar Abidi and a message to PivotTables. The top dog was an Abidi Canadian man today. Yet he knows he doesn’t get to enjoy the spoils of success for long in this cut-throat world of high-stakes competitionwinners. Throughout the year, battling a new round of hungry gladiators is back to the coliseum. None make it alive but he is the one who accepts the challenge. This is why he is selected to be a World Championship.