Spies Skulls or Ghosts

Spies Skulls or Ghosts: Movies Coming Out This WeekendMore Articles February 21 2020 Most know and love Rob KerkovichNCIS: New Orleans. Nevertheless his wife Anjali Prasertong knows him as a loving husband and father. In her latest Instagram post, Prasertong praises Kerkovich for making her feel “brave” and “unstoppable.”

Rob Kerkovich and Anjali Prasertong have a love story for the ages Figure 1 Rob Kerkovich as a forensic scientist Sebastian Lund Skip Bolen / CBS via Getty Images Sebastian Lund may not have much of a romance story-line on NCIS: New OrleansAnjali Prasertong was happily on the NCIS Kerkovich frequently posts on Instagram about his friend gushing about their friendship over the years. Seven years of this beautiful person standing by my side helping me up talking me off the brink in a 2018 post he said and watching reality shows about monster makeup. You heart Muffinhead. It’s unclear how long the two have been together but Prasertong believed long enough in Kerkovich’s fantasies to make the move from Los Angeles to The Big Easy for NCIS: New Orleans. Together the two support different causes but are more of each other. “It was she who did. She did. A wedding a childbirth a traveling around the country after four schools and countless other obstacles @anjaliruth is finally an R.D. A beautiful, smart stylin anchor-of-household R.D. He said: # bonafide. The two are one child’s proud parents and they welcomed their second “other boy” on Feb. 11.

Prasertong praised Kerkovich for this reason

If you’ve ever had to do the odd chaotic life-changing beautiful and unique birth job, I hope you’ve got a birth coach like @robkerkovich who makes you feel courageous and invincible even when everything seems difficult and dark. I’m so excited to raise with him another child. (Also a reminder that we post all baby / kid pictures @thekerkotongs if you don’t already follow.) A post shared by Anjali Prasertong (@anjaliruth) on February 11, 2020 at 6:04am PST In an earlier post on October 2019 Prasertong’s dressed up for Halloween ‘ announced her second pregnancy saying she was due to another boy in February. Though the “Kertongs ‘ lead a private life Prasertong took to Instagram to reveal Kerkovich’s sort of man outside the cameras. “If you ever have to do the crazy messy life-changing beautiful and unique birth job, I hope you’ve got a birth coach like @robkerkovich who makes you feel brave and invincible even when everything seems difficult and dark,” she said. “I’m so excited about raising another kid with him.” At the time, you would never have realized that Prasertong was in work. Only that day Kerkovich’s Tweet referenced his favorite NCIS moment: New Orleans midseason premiere. The year before she wished Kerkovich a happy birthday saying “A very happy birthday to @robkerkovich partner in crime champion father and undisputed King of the Turtleneck since 2012.” And in a touching Father’s Day post about June 2017 Prasertong said this about the NCIS: New Orleans star: “Happy Father’s Day to the father who knows the name of every dinosaur who has the best taste in books and who has the coolest taste in books and who has the worst taste in books You are * * the best. *To your very lucky son. * * According to whoever meets you. “Could these two be any kind of cuter? Congratulations on the new addition to the “Kertongs” Now it’s turn to Sebastian. NCIS: New Orleans airs at 10 p.m. on Sundays For CBS.