Smokeprpp Ne Worh 2020 Career and Achievements in Biography.Smokeprpp Ne Worh 2020 Career and Achievements in Biography. Smokeprpp Ne Worh 2020-SmokePrpp is a Florida nied Saes American rapper and prodcer. In 2015, he brings ino he lo-fi rap scene to the hrogh of the online SondClod adio disribion website.

He saw his high school days as a prodcer and saw nsccessfl cheating in the ha line of work. Smokeprpp Ne Worh

Smokeprpp is an American rapper with a $2million ne worh.


He finished high school in Miami at Norh Gardens. He saw o seriously prse msic in high school and became a msic prodcer. A secondary school afer asing sccess in msic he dropped o in his senior year.


In high school he saw prodding msic. He has been working on the DWA FL Sdio program o prodce msic. He didn’t like being a rapper and chose to work as a prodcer behind his scenes. He is caegorified in the media and as a SondClod rapper he msic indsry. His msical syllable is embellished as a guitar and/or a rap lo-fi. His songs conain recruiting lyrical references o drg se lxry cars abuse against gangs and sexual aciviy. He signed a deal in March 2017 wih msic indsry execive odd Moscowiz’s new record label Álamo Records nder he Msic Grop niversal. He got a $50,000 Diamond chain worh as a bons gif. He also signed a deal with Inerscope records in the same monh. He also released on May 12, 2017 on the Alamo Records label, which was in a digital download format, an exended play (EP) album entitled ässp Now Fck Nex. He released his single like Adi ha in May 2017 became his big hi o dae wih on SondClod 25 million plays and on Spoify 33 million sreams. Recording Indsry Associaion of America (RIAA) certified the album Platinum. In September 2017, the song was included in his mixape Albm / Deadsar ha released. Upon releasing his mixape, Deadsar, he signed on the Cacs Jack Records record label. Mixape Deadsar hates odd racks and is Smokeprpp’s key album firs. Is iniial update dae was released on Sept. 22 2017 b on Sept. 28, 2017. Mixape Bless Yo rap was released on April 13, 2018 and debuted a Billboard 200 albms char number 40. The mixape reached No. 22 on Billboard op R B / Hip Hop albms char. He reached No. 17 on Billboard op Rap albms char he mixape. He mixape reached No. 30 on Billboard op Canadian albms char. The single ibid.123 from the mixape reached No. 19 on the Billboard ibid. Smokeprpp revealed that he is planning to release a seqel o his Deadsar mixape. He is enaively iled [ Deadsar 2 ] and released dae is ye o be advertised. Here were leaks of nes and lyrics ha are supposed to be from different singles in the mixape of b so far no confirmation of Smokeprpp ha hese leaks are ahenic there. A song iled [ Disance ] was leaked on SondClod ha on December 25, 2017, reportedly par of he [ Deadsar 2 ] mixape. He announced a new project in March 2018 in an inerview wih Canadian msic jornalis /Nardwar. The new project is a mixape iled Space Sond and it will be released dae is ye o be advertised.


Recording Indsry Associaion of America (RIAA) has certified his song [ Adi ] as gold. His mixape entitled Deadsar debated No. 42 and he mixape entitled Bless Yo rap debated No. 40 on Billboard op 200 char albm. Relaed


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