Simple Grunge Hairstyles for Killer Looks

by> Melanie SpinaUpdated on December 2018 When Nirvana and Pearl Jam were music stars in the 1990s there was no doubt that grunge hairstyleswere flourishing. As fashion trends return into the current pop culture we see ‘ 90sgrunge hair again. The bestasy grunge hairstyles for your inspiration range from effortlessly cool hair to amazinggrunge updo hairstyles!

Messy Denim Bob

There’s nothing more grunge than the usual messy hair look of platinum blonde. Thismessy grunge hairis great as it is simple and flexible to do. Just add a bit of volume and top it off with darkmakeup to achieve this look. For medium lengthhair, this look works well.

Half-Up Space Buns

There are no more ‘ 90sthan space buns, so this look by YouTuber Zoe London just had to be on the list. Coupled with two buns, this half-up half-down look really suits her vivid two-tone skin. An incredible grunge look that you can also get by following the tutorial of Zoe London.

Rose Gold Highlights

>Rose gold doesn’t necessarily mean girly, it can also be a killer look when styled in a grungy fashion. Begin by leaving your roots dark with a platinum rose gold slowly lightening to the ends. Design which stands out in waves for the colors and gives asoft grungelook.

Grunge Kinky Curls

Grunge fashion with kinky curls can be rocked. Experiment with your hair by playing on top of your head with various braids and letting the curls flow naturally at the ends. Endless volume and allled strands produce a grungy look that is effortless.

Undercut braided pony

This is a classic grunge updo, ideal for long hair, a simple and easy messy pony. Pull all your hair back and up and tie in a tight ponytail to the top of your head. The pony displays your darker grungy roots. Finally, allle the strands of the ponytail to make the grunge look messy. jpg” />

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Purple Ombre and Side Braid

Having a grunge hair>tutorial.

Parted Ombre Hair Center

If your style is grunge but you want something more natural and low-maintenance try this toned-down cut and color. Leave your base color natural or darker and add some blonde to the ends as well as some steaks around your face.

Silver Waves

Think of changing the color of your hair to something unusual? This dreamywavy hair in a> silver balayage is the perfect option for a grungy disheveled look. The messy textured waves also add character and intensity to the hair giving it some extra edge.

Purple Braids

A traditional school-appropriate hairstyle can also showcase your grungy style with this vibrant color.

High-Top Grunge

To get this perfect grunge hairstyle, add a little grunge to the tutorial.

Faux Hawk Braided

This trendy look adds personality and edge to your style. Part your hair in a deep side and braid into three French braids on the smaller side. For some extra grunge, add small ring hair accessories throughout the braids. The loose hair on the other side coils into gentle waves for more structure for a final touch.

Mermaid Hair

Who said it was impossible for mermaids to be grungy? This beautiful blend of turquoise violet and blue tones, when styled with some messy curls and a little volume, goes from mermaid to grunge in seconds. Remember, with some heat-protective spray, to protect your color-treated hair from styling damage.

The Pink Shaggy

Another choice for short hair is this> shaggy cut styled in an ally messy mop. Top it off with hints of pink and platinum for some grungy edgy texture. This is a great look for girls who just don’t have much time in the morning because it’s so easy to style.

This isn’t your typical braid or topknot, and you’ll be heard.

Choppy Fringe

Don’t be afraid to go for a> razor cut togeta grunge look. The key part of this hairstyle is to add bangs to match the bob. This adds more texture to the look and looks perfect when combined with your ‘ 90s choker.

Glitter Space Buns