Side Bun Hairstyles

Side bun is one of those hairstyles that flatters nearly every woman. It’s a fun flirty and flexible updo that helps you to feel pulled together without a fussy look. There are so many ways to rock the side ‘ do and whatever you choose depends on your choice and ability for personal style. If you need some inspiration to see how classy a side style can be, feel free to check out below the awesome and inventive styles.

Middle Length and Long Hair Side Bun Hairstyles

Sleek buns are classics. They will always be in demand for formal events, but today the dress codes for hairstyling are less stringent and you can wear messy styles even to the biggest galas because lightness and spontaneity are in fashion. Here is a gallery of various types of bun hairstyles where you can find an updo to match your fashion outfit and ability.

Twisted Up Side Bun

You can twist underneath side buns, but you can also twist them. A cute braid accentuates the bun brought to the side and then twisted to the ear. The crown has a little height that makes this updo’s front view even more appealing.

Loose and Curly Side Bun

A twisted side bun is a way of incorporating a bit of complex yet unforced design into an otherwise understated appearance. The hair is made up of twists starting at the sides and feeding into the bun. Several large hair pieces are pulled out at the neck’s nape to linger. ‘

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‘ Blonde Wavy Side Updo’

‘ The combination of blonde hair color and wavy texture will definitely boost your chic side updo. For a messy look, pull out a few strands with your fingers once the bun is in place or the end of a rat tail comb. ‘ Braided Crown and Curly Bun’

‘ Curly side buns are perfect for shorter locks. For example, you can combine your bun with a braided item of your choice like a braided crown or braided bangs. For most loose curly updos, a bouffant is also a plus.

Light Brown Messy Side Bun

Loose buns are one of the most popular women’s side bun updo hairstyles these days. Perhaps it’s because of their simple style or relaxed undone look. Due to the messy texture and several stray pieces escaping the bun, these allied light brown locks look weightless and spontaneous. For a touch of sparkle, a beautiful embellished piece of hair is placed right at the bun’s base. ‘ Elegant French Braid / Side Bun Combo’

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Low Messy Bun with Loose Curls

Don’t be shocked if total strangers start double-taking when they see you with this eye-catching ultra chic side bun. A super-dark caramel-ended shadow provides a sharp contrast of color while loose curls are juxtaposed with the sleek upper strands.

Twisted Bridal Updo

Perfect for women with coarser naturally curly hair this twisted low messy updo will definitely let you get away with unstyled (or even second-day) hair at an elegant display. Just be sure to use plenty of bobby pins and hairspray to protect your hair.

Delicate side bun with garnish

This delicate loose bun is the epitome of a chic messy updo. We recommend garnishing full-style hair with a piece of costume jewelry that you already need to add in some extra sparkle as well as running a curling iron through parts before securing everything with pins.

Grecian Goddess Fishtail Braid

Instagram is supposed to have side-ups like this one. Even though you don’t actually have to be a Grecian goddess to rock this amazingly elegant multi-fishtail braid, you are likely to end up looking like one once the trend is over. To achieve a messy touch, be sure to keep a few loose hanging tendrils in the front. ‘

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‘ Rustic Romantic Low Bun’

‘ The concept of country chic is most suitable for a rustic wedding or similar ceremony in the countryside. Try to pair the style with an elegant red lip for a touch of class to set up a messier updo. ‘

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‘ Edgy Elegant High Updo’

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‘ Sleek Folded Design’

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‘ Messy and Curly Loose Updo’

‘ Could this low messy updo with scale coloring and a massive fishtail braid be any more sexy? Delicate tendrils that frame the face balance of the prototype while offering clarity and volume throughout the slight unruliness in the back. Maintain simple makeup and jewelry.

Wrapping French Braid

While this braided side bun looks like one of those> braided bun.

Red Dutch Braid-to-Bun

Picture-perfect for the bride bridesmaids or even the bride’s mother this red side bun with a thick face-framing braid will make you the ball’s beauty.

Messy Bun with French Braid and Highlights

Curled Side Updo with Soft Tendrils

If you’re heading for a wedding (or are a bride!) you should definitely consider a curly updo pulled to the side like this one as a worthy hairstyle option. The soft curls not only provide enormous weight, but the low bun is also noticeable from the side that makes it particularly beautiful in photographs.

Romantic Royal Updo with Headband

With side bun hair>headband you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

Side Bun with Hair Accessory

Simplistic and sleek in design but still beautiful from every angle is this side bun.

Multi-Twist Side Bun

You need creative ways to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous if your locks are fine. With a bun, it’s not as easy to do, but it’s possible. A pompadour at the front will be offering a nice lift. Tease the roots and make all over the head loose twists. Bring to the side backcomb the ends of your locks and shape a messy bun with air inside.

Braid and Twisted Loose Bun

Long hair side bun hair styles offer a lot of complex and creative styles. The locks are loosely braided and draped in this example to be collected in a relaxed twisted side bun. The height at the crown provides the overall look with a welcome balance.

Side Bun with Side Bang

You can’t do much to make side buns look bad. This adorable design features a teased crown with a side bang with a deep side part and a bun that swirls perfectly into a beautiful roll. This could be a hairstyle for your wedding as well as your casual updo.

Chunky Bun with Rope Braid

Even if it looks difficult at first glance, this twisted bun is plain.> Side rope braidlessly to the scalp and once you reach the nape make a simple twist out of the freely hanging locks. Roll it into a loose bun and pin in place.

Side Bun with Teased Crown

Side bun hairstyles may look just as charming when they are deliberately messy as when sculpted and sleek.

Up-Swept Bangs Side Bun

is always a nice touch to a bun updo. Such bangs are carelessly swept up and down to the side, and the messily rolled bun supports the same sloppy mood.

Textured Curly Hairstyle

dinging texture for side bun hairstyles is welcome because texture always means a little extra volume and width. Create an intricate and motivating model for this loosely braided and twisted curly locks updo.

There are so many beautiful side styles to choose from, whether you prefer a messy side bun or one that is more polished and sleek. Ideal for casual occasions on a daily basis or for more formal side buns outings. Related Post Ideas to Pin and Recreate Braided Prom Hair How to Make a Chic Chignon in Easy Steps Ideas How to Spice Up Your Half Bun Volume Boosting Sock Buns You’ll love to Try Simple and Pretty Top Knot Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration in hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsLayered